Diaries of a Working Mom – Halloween Decor

Halloween Halloween 2 Halloween 6 Halloween 7 Halloween 8 Halloween 13

It is not easy to decorate for the holidays when you are balancing a fine line of working to much and sleeping just enough to not completely fund coffee shops daily operation costs. However, it is a necessity in our house to celebrate. Last year we put this pumpkin out and called it a day… this year, I knew we had to up our game. With spookiness in our Rubbermaid, we unpacked and got to work. Logan was running around picking up the pumpkins and throwing them like basketballs. I can not give him oranges because of this problem. It wasn’t until we unpacked the spiders and skulls that my cute fearless boy needed his mommy. Apparently deep down, he is still just my little boy. Me…I was thrilled. Why yes big boy I will hold you forever if I need too.

I hope everyone is ready for Halloween (it’s so close). I’d love to see your decor; ours is simple but effective.

Dancing in the Streets

Logan and Mom Logan Momm 2



Give us some music and we’ll show you the moves but please, no nursery rhymes. 

I picked up Logan from Daycare a couple of days ago, and they were listening to some nursery rhyme cd and all of the little kids were jamming out and dancing, except, yes, you guessed it…Logan. So I observed, and he just stood against the wall like a teenager at his first dance. Logan didn’t participate, even when the teacher tried to get him to dance. Now, fast forward to this morning. The night teacher was there early, and I mentioned it to her and she laughed. She told me he doesn’t like to participate in dance time. So I asked if she ever played anything besides nursery rhymes and they don’t. So I laughed and pulled out my phone and turned on Soulja Boy. Logan started busting it out… The teacher was almost in tears with his moves. She said… “Wow, he really doesn’t do baby“.

So that got me thinking – What weird, quirky thing did you do as a kid or has your kid/niece/nephew/friend etc…. done?

Blue on Blue – No – It’s Layer time

Okay this post has two titles because I’m a bit hopped up on caffeine and I couldn’t narrow it down to just one (some of the other contenders today: The two shades of Blue, and Blueeeepers)<– see caffeine, never again. This morning marks October 13th and the first time the weather dipped into the 60’s here in Las Vegas. Well, it hit 69 at 7:30am and now it’s probably 80 degrees outside, but hey it felt right to bust out the chambray and royal blue layering pieces today.

It has only been a couple of years since I have embraced the layering trend. I don’t like to feel bulky and I like to know what I’m wearing would look okay if I had to take some pieces off. Enter the button up belted cardigan look. It’s my go to for Monday meetings. Yes, I dedicated a whole post just to the layering of a button up and a cardigan, I’d say that is Monday folks.

I hope you had a great weekend!

Layers 2

Hospital Gowns – Hated At Every Age

Ear Tube Surgery

Logan went under Anesthesia for the first time, and it is just as petrifying as you think it is. The first time Logan has an ear infection he was just barely over two months old, the next at four months and then two back to back just before he was nine months old. The back to back antibiotics he took is what send him to the ER with his life threatening C-Diff diagnosis. Then just like that he suffered through four more until finally we were given a referral to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist. After waiting three weeks to be seen the doctor looked in his ears and automatically knew, he needed ear tubes. Since we did not know what ear tubes were or why he needed them, the specialist had us look in Logan’s ears and then to the corresponding photo showing the buildup of fluid and gunky stuff.

The morning of his surgery was the most stressful, we couldn’t let him eat or drink anything because of the Anesthesia, which was one of the trickiest things we’ve ever had to do because our boy…he likes to eat. Wes and I woke up super early and got everything ready, so all we had to do was wake Logan up, change him, put him in the car and go. Everything was going smoothly; Logan was smiling and looking around at the Surgery Center…we thought we were home free with dealing with a hungry baby. Then, during our pre-op with the Anesthesiologist he asked when Logan had last has water or food… That was all it took. My little man’s eyes got big, and he screamed WAA WAAA (short for water), then he realized he was really really hungry. Luckily we were able to turn on basketball highlights to distract him. We had waited another ten minutes before they took Logan back into surgery. During this time, he decided he hated his hospital gown and took it off. He sat, happily, naked while waiting him the doctor.

Seeing someone take your baby away.

Worst feeling ever.

The procedure luckily only took twenty-five minutes, and I was able to go back and see him. Poor guy was a floppy drunk; he was screaming at the lady when I got in. Immediately I took him, and he calmed down. It took about fifteen minutes to get him ready to go. Hopefully, the tubes help, the doctor told us that the fluid in his right ear was still there from his first ear infection. When we got Logan home, he was wobbly, he was trying to “re-learn” to walk and he also had a clear “C” sound when he said car. Right now the inside of his ears are still a bit swollen but he is already showing signs of improvement.

Surgery for the littles is hard, It doesn’t matter if it’s tubes, tonsils, or a transplant… It all is stressful and full of prayers.

Ear Tube Surgery

It’s a bird, It’s a plane, It’s SuperLogan

Logan Halloween

Oh October…Welcome back. Last year was no fun, but this year I promise to make it better than spending three days in the hospital. I’ve got quite a few to-do’s to fit into a tight October. I found Logan’s costume early this year and it was a toss up between Clark Kent and the Grandpa from UP… since daddy is a comic book fan I had no vote.

Now we only have:

Pumpkin Picking
Pumpkin Carving
hallOVeen (a charity Halloween event)
Baby Group Halloween Party
and some
Trick or Treating

left on the to-do list.

What’s on your October to-do list?

Some exciting news

Logan Happy


One month from now I am going to challenge myself to the 30-day blog off. I’ve completely made up my challenge and named it on the fly BUT it’s going to be awesome. I feel like I have lost a little bit of my creative side, and I want to find it again. So for the month of November there will be a VioletSage post every day. I mean, whoa…it’s going to be intense.

I’d love your feedback, and I want to challenge you as well. Please leave a comment with something you’d like me to write about, try for the first time, etc…. I’m already in planning mode, and I can’t wait.

P.S. Happy Birthday Dad

P.P.S This means there are only 6 days until my birthday (inside joke between my daddy and I)