Swimming is for everyone!

Swimming Swimming Swimming

Wes and I love water…and now it seems that my little bug loves it too. We started him in swimming lessons just a little after his first birthday. They were expensive but worth it, the confidence he has near a pool of water is incredible.

While we were on vacation, I noticed a lot of kids who were afraid to get in the water, their ages varied from 2-6. A couple of parents were getting mad that their kids did not want to swim in the pool and kept telling them they were afraid. That boggled my mind, but it also made me realize that taking small, confident steps when they are younger can help prepare them (and this goes for things other than swimming).

Here are some of my tips for starting your baby out in the pool!

1. Find a pool that is heated. Babies like comfort and cold pools will not leave a good first impression.

2. Put them in a swim diaper (not the disposable but a true swim diaper), this will relieve your stress of them making a mess.

3. Sit on the step of the pool with your baby first. Let them soak in the sounds, colors and activities going on. Splash their feet and make it a game.

4. Once you’re in the pool, it’s okay if they hold on to you at first but try to hold them in front of you with your arm around their waist.

5. Sing, Sing, Sing.. If you make everything a song and fun, they are going to be more engaged and relate the pool to fun times.

6. After swimming, shower them and put sensitive lotion on them.

Also, once your baby is done swimming they are going to get hungry and tired extremely fast. I remember bringing Logan home, bathing him, giving him some milk and then his pacifier and he passed out in the bath towel instantly.

Do you swim with your babies?

Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction


My name is Meghan, and I am addicted to sugar.

All joking aside, I truly believe I have a sugar addiction. I’m not sure where the turn happened. Before I had Logan…The sugar monster came out once a month, and I’m sure you can guess when. After Logan, I crave it all the time. I can down a pan of brownies in two days, eat three cupcakes without blinking, and it has to stop. I truly have an addiction because I say to myself “Well, I just ate fruit so I can have a couple of tootsie rolls” or “I drank 8oz of water so It will wash away this candy bar.”

I feel like I am going to be the thinnest person ever dealing with diabetes if I don’t stop.

But. How do I stop?

My first step is to get rid of the sugar that isn’t needed. I’m talking cakes, candies, soda’s, etc. My second step is to have courage and lean on my husband for help.

…and see where it goes from there.

Give me your tips, idea’s, and encouragement. I know I’m going to need it.

He came – He saw – He concurred

Life's a Beach Life's a Beach Life's a Beach Life's a Beach Life's a Beach

We just got back from a little family vacation!

We headed to Laguna Beach, California… my home away from home.

I’ve been taking Wes here since we started dating nine years ago.

Logan hasn’t ever been to the beach; he’s never put his toes in the sand, watched the waves or felt the water splash on his face. Until now…

We went to the beach (not to play, just to stroll and enjoy Nicks…yummy) the second day we were on vacation. It was a nice cool day; the beach was pretty busy with families enjoying the weekend. When we took Logan down to the beach, his face was priceless. The ocean in front of him was life changing, he was in awe and started to gibber gabber. Then…a wave came up to shore and splashed his little feet. His eyes got big, and he smiled from ear to ear, at that moment, my child was hooked.

We loved you beach! Can’t wait to come back and build sand castles next year.

Three, 5 minute workouts

Maybe some of you know, maybe you don’t…I am the host of WellHealth Quality Care’s Medical Minute series. We discuss health topics from diabetes to childhood obesity and one of my most favorites – health and fitness!

Here are three, five-minute workouts you can do while watching TV, watching your kids play, right before bed…really, anytime.

Enjoy <3

p.s. you can subscribe to the WellHealth Channel to see more AND to get some great health tips.

The 60 – 10 Project

I’ve decided to challenged myself to a $60 a week budget for food and $10 for food storage.

My husband thinks I’m nuts, but I love a good challenge.


1. $60 a week in groceries (for three of us)

2. $10 a week for food storage (more on this later)

3. No beating myself up if I can’t achieve it

4. There has to be MEAT (per my husband)

Being frugal isn’t a new thing for me. In fact a lot of people are surprised when I tell them that there were times in my childhood/teenage years when our family was homeless. We lived in hotels and the front room’s of friends house’s. We struggled at times. I’ve always made a conscious effort to be frugal. Whether its clothes, travel, or more day-to-day activities. This will be a fun challenge to see if I still got it (and my wallet may thank me after ;-) )

Week One

shopping lst

How did I do?

I went over my $60 limit by $10.


I wasn’t expecting…

My grocery store not having a fruit weigher. I had to guess and I WAS wayyyy off. The grapes ended up being $4 over budget and the cherries were $2 over budget. I also splurged and bought kettle corn smart pop at $4 a box.


What I saved!

I saved WITHOUT coupons… $24.78 which was 24% of my total.

That is successful in my book

What I cooked…

Yes, shopping lists are great BUT what the hell do you cook with it?!?!?


Why we needed glasses…

Why we needed Glasses


Wow, I had a case of mom brain. I told you we got glasses, but I never explained why. With so many emails, tweets, and Facebook inquiries…I figured it’s time to explain.

Sometimes it’s a curse, other times it’s a blessing but I notice everything.

In this case, a blessing. When Logan was about six months old, I was changing him and noticed a small slip in his left eye but figured his eye was still growing, so I let it go. Then it happened again at eight months, then I noticed on two different occasions his eye was a little “off” in pictures. So at his twelve month check up, I brought it up and the doctor said if I was worried, don’t hesitate, take him to see a pediatric eye doctor. A few months went by before insurance was straightened out, and we went.

Logan’s eyes were dilated and they used pediatric specific tools to measure his eye. The final diagnosis was an Estropia. Esotropia is characterised by the eyes looking in different directions. Esotropia occurs when one eye looks forward and the other eye looks inwards. Squints are very common, affecting around 1 in 20 children born. However, not many people catch the more mild cases (such as Logan’s) and they can become worse. The muscles in his eyes do not work in tandem, yet.

If it’s not caught and corrected within an reasonable timeframe from noticing a “slip”. Left untreated esotropia can contribute to amblyopia, also known as the lazy eye. Once a child has Amblyopia it can cause a serious loss of vision and needs to be treated as early as possible. It cannot be corrected with glasses (like Estropia aka Logan’s condition), but can usually be improved by prohibiting the child from using their ‘good’ eye by placing a patch over it, which means that the affected eye has to start working. So when you see children with patches, most likely that’s the cause.

We will go back to the eye doctor every 3 months for the first year to monitor the condition and make sure it’s improving. The only other options for correction is a surgery (gulp).

Logan loves to wear his glasses, he only takes them off in his car seat, so we save the glass smudges and take them off before he gets in. Other than that, he loves them and gets a lot of compliments.