Closet Overhaul


Sunday was productive, which
is rare in the Bailey household. You see this family is going to California for
Labor Day Weekend, Labor Day weekend is shopping weekend! We needed some room
in our closet and an honest look at what we really wear on a monthly basis.
Most people wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time and we are not an
exception to this rule.

So we took EVERYTHING out of
our closet – armed with baskets for Toss, Keep and Donate we got to work. Minus
the…”That shirt is weird for me to wash” or “The shirt (vest
hunny!) gets wrapped around clothes in the dryer, and it’s a bitch to un
tangle, toss it” the sorting went well.

We both came to the
conclusion that we had a lot of fluff in our closet. I got rid of over 50
pieces of clothing and 30 pieces of jewelry and I feel that I have more to wear
in my closet.

TIPS for Cleaning/Organizing
your Closet:

1. Take everything out and
start fresh. By pulling everything out of your closet you can see what you wear
all the time and blow dust off the rest.

2. Use the same color of
hangers. <–sounds a little OCD, but I can tell you from experience keeping
the same color palette and make your closet feel like a boutique instead of
walmart. It’s easier to shop.

3. Toss – Keep – Donate! I
use laundry baskets, toss out things with holes or those dryer fuzzies, keep
all the stuff you love, donate anything in season you haven’t worn since the
start of it or the “I may wear it somedayā€¯. Trust me you won’t.

4. Try things on. Don’t be
afraid to make a try on pile, you may remember something fitting weird but you
could be wrong. We saved three of my hubbies shirts because he thought they fit

5. When you are done sorting,
put your clothes together like the boutique of your choice. If you like stores
with the same colors together do a dark to light set up per category (shirts,
pants, dresses etc.). If you like stores that “Style Shop” clothes,
pair pieces together that can make several outfits, i.e. two skirts with
three/four shirt options next to it etc.

6. Last but not least – Have
Fun! It’s your closet, play to your strength and how you get ready.


After putting the clothes
back in the closet, I grabbed the IPad and we made a list of clothes we need to
purchase this weekend.

Wife: Anything I like :)

Husband: Anything I want :)

……we are organized!

P.S. Didn’t get a shot of me
in it today but here is the OOTD!

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8 thoughts on “Closet Overhaul

  1. I love that dress! You made me chuckle at “blow dust off the rest.” I love decluttering/organizing blogs so of course I’m a fan of this post. Nice tips and great point about matching hangers so your closet feels more posh. It doesn’t cost a lot!

  2. Thanks! Charlotte Russe two seasons ago.. :)

    We live in the desert, there is ALWAYS a lot of dust.

    You are correct 98 cents at target all black hangers except the white ones I chose for my dresses!

  3. Love this post!! When we moved in in January I went through this same process, but it’s definitely good to go through at least once a year. I had a lot of empty space when we moved in that filled up real quick… it’s so easy to focus on your favorites and forget the things that get lost behind the favorites. Where did you get that earring/necklace hangar? love it!

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