The Free Shipping Dress

I have a weakness…free shipping. Whenever stores I love send me an e-mail for free shipping I inevitably use it. Damn you retail america, you know me all too well.  So awhile back Forever 21 had a free shipping day (remember my tweet?) and I decided I NEEDED (not wanted but needed) this teal dress. So I put it in my virtual shopping cart (bonus…doesn’t weigh anything) and checked out. Here is the result…

Luckily I wasn’t the only one who thought they needed this dress, it sold out in two days. My only hope is that I’m not walking into a meeting and then someone else is wearing my teal beauty…wouldn’t that be awkward… Hey did you get free shipping to?

Happy Tuesday!

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6 thoughts on “The Free Shipping Dress

  1. I feel more that a lack of free shipping is a purchase deterrent, rather than a free shipping offer will make me buy something… unless it is a brand that NEVER has free shipping! Awesome dress, I need an office-appropriate dress as I just wore my LBD out!

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