A quick laugh…

Just as I said I was taking a hiatus… this happen’s. Thought you’d get a kick out of it.

So I call  my mother in law asking her to identify a song on the radio for me… (I’m newly converted to Country) The song ended up being Barefoot Blue Jean Night, to which I thought she followed that up with it being sang by Steak Owens… I was confused and asked her why someone would name their kid steak… After they had a long laugh, they said it was Jake… Like Jake Wade, I am sure Andy and Annie will add this “City Girl Moment” to their long list of “Our daughter in law isn’t country” bahahaha

Other types of dumb things I have said? Oh that is a looong list but here are my personal bests:

1. Calling Calfs “Cow Babies” (I failed pre-school)
2. Cheering at a team roping competition… Note to self, not the place to cheer
3. Wearing a white dress and cowboy boots to feed a horse…then the horse sneezed, you do the math.
4. Walking through the American Country Awards after Toby Keith Sang “Red Solo Cup” only to say… That is the first time I’ve heard that song.. BAM ten people stopped, turned around and gave me the scare of death.


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