2012 Me & You

Hey Everyone!!

I know your out there….I see my daily visits and I have to say…you should comment, I only bite once and awhile.

 I need your help. I am in the process of beginning “12 months of resolutions”. I will be writing 12 monthly goals, and then I’ll try to live up to them. I haven’t put pen to paper…or keyboard to blog but I’m close. Some of my goals I don’t know the first place to start and I know all of my readers are talented as all get out so here is what I’m looking for. IF you can help please leave a comment!!

1. I’m looking for a free or inexpensive and user-friendly program to make things like Miss IHOD list with pictures, fun graphics etc..

2. I want to know how to make my pictures have a fog to them like this:

3. I’m also looking for fun tutorials on YouTube for Natural MakeUp, Photo Editing and quick hair styles (for everyday) I know I could just search but if you have a recommendation.

4. I have a crockpot now!!! I’d love to get your quick and inexpensive meal ideas.

5. At home Date Ideas – Because my husband and I are lame old people who don’t go out because we like our house…what are some at home date ideas?

You see…my list is brewing so now I need some assistance!!!

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4 thoughts on “2012 Me & You

  1. How fun! I just found your blog and I am excited to see your resolutions!
    For #1 I am trying out a 30 trial of Pixelmator, it’s like photoshop but only $30. If I don’t like it I’m going to get Photoshop Elements 10 (for $59 on Amazon).
    #4 They aren’t geared towards crock pot recipes but I like http://www.gojee.com/ for finding recipes. You can pick what you are craving or have in the fridge and they find you recipes.
    #5 I would love some at home date ideas as well! We always end up watching a movie or tv show and that gets boring.

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