Buff Away

As part of my January Resolution to focus on my Outer Beauty Routine I knew first on my list had to be my tootsie’s. I am constantly shoving my feet into heels, jumping, leaping and turning on them.  Yesterday I decided to give my toes a little TLC.  After you take off a dark nail polish  a tint stays on your nails, whether it be polish that is stubborn and won’t come off OR that icky yellow film.

I like to buff the color off. It gives you an unexpected shine.

1. Grab a mini nail buffer (I like the small ones because they are easier to handle)
2. Buff in a circular motion, don’t be too rough.

Once you have buffed off the color and yellow film take wet paper towel and gently scrub off the flakes (don’t forget between your toes).  Add a clear Nail strengthener ( I like this one)  then let your toes breath for a couple of days before adding polish.

The Result? Shiny and Clean Toe Nails.

For Christmas my Mother In Law gave me a tool box…since I’m not handy I decided to use it for something else.

Here is how I organize my Nail & Toe Pampering Station:
1. I put cotton balls in the side pockets
2. Toe separators, Buffers, Files and Nail Clippers in the front pockets
3. Polish and Remover in the middle
4. My Go To Colors are hooked into the small hooks



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3 thoughts on “Buff Away

  1. $19 isn’t too bad… Karen from makeupandbeautyblog.com likes it… but I haven’t tried it so I’m not sure. I do like their sheer color gloss, though! It lasts pretty well and is relatively non-sticky (though goopy, as all glosses are).

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