Amazing Heel Rules

These shoes are amazing and can you believe I picked them up for $10 bucks at Ross? What is the criteria for amazing shoes? This is the question I had a friend ask me today so I thought I would clear up how I come up with the amazing brand on my shoes.

1. The shoes MUST not squish my toes, I don’t like to feel cramped and constantly have the pinching while I walk.
2. They must be a go to shoe, which means they go with a lot of outfits and can be versatile with jeans, skirts and dresses.
3. They must get compliments. How can a shoe be amazing if only I like them?
4. The material must be classic. A trendy shoe gets you only as far as the trend, but a classic black pump looks amazing.
5. They must be versatile with a trend…For example these shoes have an invisible platform raise in them so they are tall but they still look classic.
6. I have to be able to walk/jog in them. I’ve never met a shoe I can’t walk in… but I have met shoes I can’t lightly jog to my car.
7. They have to look good in pictures.
8. They can’t cause blisters. I put tape on the bottom of my shoes and wear them for two hours around the house and if they cause a red spot or blister, they get returned.

How about you? Do you have Shoe Rules?

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3 thoughts on “Amazing Heel Rules

    • That is the only way to go. I used to buy shoes to just buy shoes but now I make sure I’m going to wear them. I guess that is what they mean by being smarter and wiser in your old age ;-)

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