Have you GeoCached?

Team Justice League at your service!! If you have never heard of or have been geocaching, let me enlighten you and welcome you to one of the funnest things that is picking up steam.

Geocaching (in my own words) is a world-wide treasure hunt.  You start by visiting the geocaching website to register. Once you have registered, download a GPS app that allows you to put in a coordinance(Our team paid $10 for the geocaching official app). Then you search your zip code or wherever you are in the world and then go searching!!!

The coordinance will get you on top of or as close as possible to the geocache but then you have to hunt for it, the clues will give you an idea of where to look and there will also be an icon telling you how big the item is. When you find it you sign the logbook and if you’d like you can leave a trinket. Our team is getting Justice League temporary tattoo’s to leave. After your done you make a note that you found the geocache and do it all again!!! Free and Fun for all ages.

Have you been GeoCaching?

We found this one at Walgreens…This one was quite clever.

Who would have though a road sign would have a geocache?

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5 thoughts on “Have you GeoCached?

  1. I LOVE geocaching! We discovered it almost two years ago and were so amazed how many there are everywhere! We did a trip this spring where we drove 1100 miles and geocached the whole time! I think it’s a great way to experience your surroundings in a different light. We like to look up hiking trails that have geocaches on them. They’ve lead us to places we would have never seen. We hid our first one this past summer on one of our favorite hikes!

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