The Cowboys and Me

There isn’t many people who can say they love there in-laws and not have a but attached. Luckily I am one of those people…if you will remember my 1st post about them here I told you about all the dumb things I’ve said and all the things I’ve learned being around my country family. I’d like to share with you the things they have learned from me because we truly are complete opposites that just get each other!

1. Texting -(…it’s true) My Mother In Law is an amazing texter and my father in law can text. Now you may get your text response ten minutes later but the man can text. Just the other day I texted:

(Me) Girl Scout Cookie – Do you want Thin Mints?
(Andy) Yes
(Andy) 2
(Andy) Pls

See it only took three messages but the man can text.

2. Girly Girl – Now this isn’t so much for my Father In Law but my Mother In Law when I first met her put all of her time and energy into her husband and son…I came along and helped her become selfish. She now has standing hair and nail appointments. The shocking” OMG she cut her hair text of 2009″…her waist long hair was chopped to her shoulders and highlighted a sun kissed blond. The Bailey-Vaughn-Davis clan has never been the same ;-)

3. Clothes & Shoes – While you can’t take the honky tonk out of their badonkadonks you can shine some light on new things. My mother-in-law and I spent hours shopping and a crowd of people bought she put on her first *gasp* fitted blazer and pencil skirt. My Father In Law has been introduced to Nike Slip On Shoes for those times you just need to run out to the car truck and nike pro combat workout gear, because its just better than sweats and a t-shirt when you run.

4. Technology – We’ve been over texting but did you know both of them now have Ipods? It took some time over Christmas filling my Father-in-law’s Ipod because we’d play a song on Itunes, I’d turn around and they’d be two-stepping (the focus wasn’t there…but how damn romantic is that)? I’ve also introduced them to Facebook, Kuerig Coffee Makers, and Portable DVD Players.

5. Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood – …okay maybe I’m still working on this one.

p.s. I took the pictures above! Their ranch is too beautiful to not take photos.

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