Editing Photos

It’s no secret that bloggers and photographers edit their photos. Personally I am a hands on learner, I can’t listen to anyone talk in a classroom (I won’t remember) I need to be thrown in the lion’s den and told to figure it out.

When I first started my blog I had the normal tiny photos, no editing and just plain boring non imaginative photos. Then I found programs to help me out, One of my favorite programs for my blog photos is Picnik (I use lightroom and photoshop for my photography)…now sadly Picnik is disappearing on April 19th but for now (and why I’m writing this) EVERYONE gets free premium features.

So it’s perfect if you want to fiddle with a few of your photo’s to make them just a little bit better.  Here are some examples of editing!

This photo was taken by Polly W. she is my friends, sister-in-law up in Utah. I loved that this photo had a green/teal staircase (talk about a photographing gem).
 The photo is really cute, it’s a little bit dark and there is some lovely baby drool. Here is how I edited this:
1. Basic Edits, Exposure – I bumped up the exposure, highlight and added a pop of shadowing effect.
2. I went to Touch Ups and used the Wrinkle Remover to take out the baby drool (make sure you size your brush), one click is all it took.
3. Once you’ve done that head over to effects and click on Vibrance, then a side toolbox will pop up, choose the option (a check box) to paint on the effect. I then painted just the staircase to make it pop.
Here is the end result:

I also thought it would be fun to play with up the fact this building is older and full of charm, each of those scuff marks tells a story of the dancers in the building. Here is how I edited the next photo:
1. Basic Edits – Exposure, I bumped up the exposure and highlights ALOT (almost too much…on purpose).
2. Head back to the effects page and choose Sepia, then move the color bar around to find the right antique color you’d like. Then once it’s on the photo, use the fade the bar to bring back some of the photo’s original coloring.
3. Click on Vibrance again and use the paint tool for the staircase (yep, I love that staircase)
Here is the result:

This next photo is one that I took. Everyone loves their fur babies but editing them or making them not have the devil red-eye can be a challenge. My first piece of advice is to shoot outside with the flash off. Here is the unedited photo of these two pups.

The coloring is good and neither of the pups are washed out, but I wanted to give them a shiny coat and a more prominent look. Here is how you can achieve that with Picknik:
1. Basic Edits (Yep, again) – Exposure – Apply a generous amount of shadowing and bump up the contrast by 5.
2. Effects – Vibrance, Instead of painting the effect I put it on the whole photo but used the fade bar to only make it 25%.
3. Touch Ups – Use the Eye Brightener, just for an extra pop.
Here is the outcome:

Last but not least, I took this photo on accident (aren’t most photo’s like that). Miss Celina’s stare was for me to give her some direction, little did we both know this was the shot. The background is edgy, she has uber long hair and she looks amazing, but I wanted this picture to look a little more gritty.
Here is how I edited this photo.
1. Basic Edits – I applied a bit of highlight and then a generous amount of Shadowing.
2. Effects – Infrared Frame, Slide the fade bar and add only enough to give it that slightly dark look. Use the Gritty feature next, just as the above mentioned use the slider bar to take out what doesn’t look right.
Here is the outcome:

Head over to Picnik and take care of those photos before April 19th and if you have one that is being stubborn let me know on Twitter or E-mail Me and I’ll help.
Before and Afters:

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9 thoughts on “Editing Photos

  1. Really useful tips! I do edit personal photos when I take them (not often, actually) but I don’t edit my blog photos because I want to show what the makeup “really” looks like. Convenient excuse ;)

  2. finally!!! I’ve been requesting this post for a while ;) I love your tips! everyone has different “go to” preferences and both vibrance and sepia are ones I haven’t played with too much, but I love your results! my go to is Gritty, but on a low setting to sharpen and focus, and then boost colors under “colors.”
    Now you’ve just remind me of how depressed I’m going to be when Picnik goes away. I hope they have a replacement in the works. I’ve tried to learn photoshop but it’s an ongoing, long and painful process…

    • Mila – Try using Lightroom (You can get a 30 day trial).. It’s pricey but it’s much more user friendly than Photoshop <–pain in the ass.

      You are welcome, I'm sorry I didn't actually do this post when we all could benefit for longer haha.

    • I looked, I don’t like what I see. You should download a free trial of Lightroom by Adobe. It’s great to fix lighting, it’s a little pricey to buy it though. I’m hoping to find something similar to Picnik, if I do I’ll share it.

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