Casual to Fabulous – One Step

Since the majority of my wardrobe is classified as “Business Casual” (i.e. skirts, blazers, button ups etc.) it’s rare that I actually have a casual down day. However for a shake up in the world of suits the company I work for had an “Opposite Day (or casual)” So I broke out my t-shirt and challenged myself to make it feel more professional. I didn’t want to wear chunky jewelry or heels so I went to the one thing that can make any casual outfit feel fabulous and pulled together… Lipstick!
If you remember from a post a LONGGG time ago (Flashback) I used to never wear lipstick and now I’d like to make a time machine and go kick myself in the butt. How could I go years without wearing lipstick, it’s just fabulous.

Do you wear Lipstick? The lipstick I wore is “Coral Crush” by Maybelline

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9 thoughts on “Casual to Fabulous – One Step

  1. I used to the be the same about lipstick. My sister still is! I’m pretty sure you’re younger than me, but back in the mid-to-late nineties and into the early 2000’s it was all about lip gloss. Lipstick has obviously made a HUGE comeback in the past few years and the formulas are so much better than they used to be. I’m trying to convert my sister because I fear she’ll look dated (she’s 31). Gotta help a sistah out!

  2. I have just gotten into lipstick lately. Mostly just red. And you will appreciate this crazy deal rocking… Rue La La had a pay $25 for $50 to Lord & Taylor gift card. I had two referrals, so I only paid $5. I couldn’t find any shoes I liked at Lord and Taylor, so I ended up buying a Chanel lipstick (and gloss too). for $5 out of my pocket! The lipstick is just unbelievably smooth and doesn’t budge. I’m trying to wear it as much as i can. I’m still not over that shopping high!

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