Happy Valentines Day

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Valentines Day!  Wes surprised me with a w&m love ring, which I can’t take off, it’s perfect! My gift for Wes was tickets to the LA Clippers vs. Jazz game at the Staples Center in March!  Let me know how you guys are celebrating?

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7 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you take these photos? Either way, I gotta tell you that I absolutely love your photography on the blog. You really have an eye for it. I’ve had my camera for almost a year now and my photo’s don’t look half as good as yours. I love the composition and style of your photos. I have so much more to learn!

  2. Hey Mila!

    Yes, I take and edit all my photo’s. Thanks for the compliment, it’s nice to know I’m doing something right.

    Here is my tip:
    Take the same photo with every single setting (write it down), pick the top 3 and then edit those to find the best camera shot & edit. With the majority of my low lighting outfit shots I shoot with the Food function of my camera lol :)

    These photo’s were taken by my new found sweet spot in my house! The lighting at 12:45 is amazing

    • After taking a photography class i was told to only shoot in Manual. This may be a stupid question, cuz I’ve never used the settings… except maybe Av mode, but aren’t all the settings automatic? Or do you still play around with F stops and aperture at each setting to find the right combination?

  3. Eck, Manual boo… Why? When most camera’s have amazing settings that you tweek if need be in a photoshop type program.

    The only setting that is automatic, is the automatic one :) Most camera’s have options on the wheel for no flash, macro (close up shots), action and then my DLSR has those plus kids, animals, portrait, as well as special shots like food, candlelight (birthday parties), over cast etc.

    I shot manual once, hated it and never went back. It wasn’t for me.

    • interesting… it’s because usually automatic photos don’t come out as crisp as yours! so they say to use manual so that you can control it, but it takes getting a hang of it which is taking me a while and good photos are 1 in 100. i will have to play around with some of those settings. thanks for the tips!

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