Wear Who You Are

12 trends show up on the runway, in my magazine and in stores every season. Out of those 12 trends, I usually buy one of them. I’m not a “trend” girl, I’m a classic girl. I like to buy pieces that fit well, whether it be from Forever 21 or from Nordstrom. So when someone asked me who my inspiration is, I couldn’t think of anyone because I dress for who I am, I dress for the moment.

Every woman should feel this way.

Wear who you are!

While I was working on my January Resolution I tried to change who I was instead of just making myself better (which was the whole point). I wore clothes I wasn’t comfortable in, I tried makeup I felt cakey in and I wasn’t happy. I came to the conclusion that it’s okay that I only have one shampoo and conditioner choice, one fragrant lotion and one for my uber dry skin, two eyeshadow palettes, and three tubes of lipstick. I feel better this way, I felt more confident wearing clothes that fit and hit me just right,  the less makeup I wore on my face the prettier I felt. It truly is about being yourself and not someone else!

Now can the 25-year-old me go talk to my 15-year-old self and knock some sense into her? It will save 10 years of low self-esteem…

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