Okay! I’m all in…with Stripes. I know a lot of women stay away from them because they think they make them look bigger but I’m here to tell you that they are wrong. Yep, I’m that blunt, women are all wrong about stripes.

First you need to make sure your striped piece fits you. This goes for all clothing in general, if it doesn’t fit it is going to make you look bigger. Second, go for a bold strip if your taller and then proportion it down from there. Have no fear, wear what you want, just wear it head to toe stripes = bad news zebra. One piece with neutral pieces around it = fabulous!

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2 thoughts on “StripeTastic

  1. I just happened upon this post today & smiled when I saw this outfit. I have that skirt! And it always ends up getting paired with t-shirts around here. So thanks for the inspiration – I’ve never really thought about dressing it up until now. :)

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