Glam Bag

I tried Birchbox but our relationship was short-lived. I really enjoyed the idea of getting a box of deluxe samples in the mail each month but I wasn’t thrilled with samples smaller than what I can get at Sephora as well as the lack of quick shipping. Boxes ship on the 10th of each month but I didn’t get mine (on the west coast) until the 25th of each month.

So I found Glam Bag, which was very hard to get a subscription to. They keep it semi exclusive until they know they will have enough quality products to warrant new subscribers. I was lucky to get into the club (it was a ten minute window, thank goodness for Twitter).

Upgrade on the packaging from Glambag in comparison to Birchbox. Birchbox is a cardboard box that holds my bobby pins but Glam Bag is an actually makeup bag that I’ll be using for brushes. Here is what was inside:

1. Facial Hydration Mask
2. NYX Roll on Shimmer (Full Size)
3. X OUT Shine Control (Deluxe Size) – This is a primer to eliminate shine before foundation is applied.
4. $100 off NUME products (hello fabulous hairdryer I can’t wait to get)
5. mmm…Suprise Chocolate
6. Two Small Samples of Premier dead sea cinderella mask

Overall…I’m impressed, I received it fairly quickly and I’m happy with all of these products!

What do you guys think? Do you get Birchbox or Glam Bag?

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5 thoughts on “Glam Bag

  1. Cool, though I didn’t love mine. I was surprised I liked that NYX eyeshadow – it works really well over NYX shadow base, or their Jumbo pencils. Normally I hate roller/loose eye shadows. I like that they come in a makeup bag, too. But really, I have way too many makeup bags and the other things disappointed me. Glad to hear someone will use the coupon!

    • Since I coach gymnastics I go through small bags like this one all the time so it’s nice I’ll have one every month lol. I like most of the stuff, I think it’s better than birchbox…so far. It’s my first one so it may not be love forever, who knows.

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