Packed Full

You know you are crazy when… You tell at your hubby to pull the car over, reverse (a little furtherrrr..stop) just so you can take the perfect picture of a cherry blossom tree. Spring is in the air!!

A sweet mix of Forever 21, H&M, XOXO and BeBe…just too keep it all interesting!

My husband bought me lightroom over the weekend…because I almost threw the computer through the window trying to learn photoshop  so now I am enjoying playing with all the functions. I like quick and easy edits, because I don’t have the time to layer, adjust, layer, blah blah blah

Hope you’re enjoying your Monday! I ate a snickerdoodle cookie for breakfast… The breakfast of champions, I tell you what!

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4 thoughts on “Packed Full

  1. Ooooh! I’ve had Lightroom in my Amazon shopping cart for a few weeks now… Is it really that easy?? I have also tried to learn photoshop, using Gimp which is basically the same thing. I’ve watched a million youtube videos copying them step by step and also have wanted to throw my laptop out the window. whyyy must it be so complex!? I’d love to hear your thoughts on lightroom before i make the investment!
    In other photography news, I bought a new 35mm lens last week and am in looove. photo quality has changed exponentially, cant even compare it to the kit photos.

    p.s. the photo of the two of you is beautiful! stunning couple!

  2. Mila.. Do it, it’s completly worth the investment. PLUS it’s on sale through Adobe right now for $149.

    It’s simple and you can install actions to make editing go even faster! YAY

    Yes, I love my 35mm Portrait Lens and I”m really loving my zoom lens :)

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