Random Dreams

Let’s talk dreams today. Lately I’ve been having the most RANDOM dreams, I don’t even know how my brain makes this stuff up. Tell me, what normal person dreams this:

I live in a cabin in the woods (twilight), with friends who are werewolves, but they don’t know they are werewolves (Vampire Diaries). I go into town with my friend and we find out husbands at a bar with half-naked go-go dancers and get mad (living in Vegas?) then we storm out and start to drive off when we see a Nasa space shuttle crashing on the freeway next to us, the wing detached and starts rolling towards us while debris is everywhere and the freeway is breaking (2012?) so she puts her foot on the gas of our fast audi (car commercialish) and then we meet up with our husbands on the top of a hill while a tsunami hits (the article I read about the lady who was in the tsunami in Japan)…then the alarm clock goes off.

How random is that? Am I alone…I mean that is just WEIRD!  Time to confess your weird dream so I can feel better.

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2 thoughts on “Random Dreams

  1. That skirt is awesome, I just love the textured look of it! I haven’t been having much in the way of memorable dreams, but sometimes I’ll have a nightmare where the husband says he doesn’t love me and is cheating on me (argh, awful) and I wake up super-bummed and tell him he’d better hug me even though he didn’t actually do anything haha :P

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