Tivoli Village

Over the weekend we headed to Tivoli Village (10 miles from the strip). It is an open air shopping center with great eateries. I loved the architecture and enjoyed the restaurant choices but as far as shopping, it’s a dud. We ate at Bottles and Burgers, there are three locations in Las Vegas (If you’re staying in Vegas there is a Bottles and Burgers at the Palazzo).

Everyone ready for my food critic review? Hold on to your seats its intense….

The price range was between $7-15
The atmosphere is Casual-Dressy
The food gets an A in my book, it was tasty
I give Bottles and Burgers two thumbs up
…see intense review

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6 thoughts on “Tivoli Village

      • Hmmm I suppose it would be too self-serving and limited to ask you to mention if restaurants have vegan options… haha. Honestly, I think of Las Vegas as being such a foodie place it isn’t difficult to find lots of yummy stuff :) I think you can find tons of awesome photo ops, though. Did you know you can take pictures around Caesars Palace pool, for instance? My favorite casino pool

  1. ooh fun! I love the staircase shot. Beautiful. Hope you do a Lightroom tips tutorial like you did for Picnik. I am doing the 30 day free trial now and will probably be purchasing it soon ;)

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