Vampire Weekend

Besides partying all day with my friends I also plopped my booty in my spot (you know…the spot that your but had made over years of sitting in one part of the couch) and watched The Vampire Diaries (Season 2 ladies…don’t give anything away). I am addicted, I love this show it’s such a fun escape from reality.

However it was hard for me to take Ms. Nina Dobrev seriously… anyone remember her as MIA from Degrassi?

However within a few episodes she had me thinking of her as Elena instead of MIA, but I still think of Jimmy as Jimmy and not the music mogul Drake (anyone know what I’m talking about?)

The one thing I noticed about nina was how fabulous her makeup is and if I had big brown eyes I would be stealing her technique to make those babies pop. This is my favorite look, I’ll have to re-create it with colors that suit my blue eyes but for now I’ll take a moment just to be jealous of her shadow.

Do you watch Vampire Diaries? If not…put it in your instant queue (netflix) you’ll thank me later.

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6 thoughts on “Vampire Weekend

  1. I’ve tried to watch the first season twice, but I haven’t been able to get into it. I don’t know what it is about the show it just can’t seem to hold my attention.

      • I have the same experience! And I love YA Vampire books (guilty pleasure), but I just didn’t get into Vampire Diaries. Admittedly I only watched a couple of episodes, back when it first came out. I’m more of a marathon girl myself – I can’t stand cliffhangers. I rebel against waiting for the next installment, haha. Now I’m feeling like I ought to go for a marathon of this and give it a second chance!

      • You should. I am also a Marathon watcher…I don’t like watching a series week to week that is why I didn’t watch Lost or 24 until they were streaming on Netflix. If this wouldn’t of been a marathon show I wouldn’t have watched it.

  2. Ah Netflix streaming, my favorite weekend pastime. I just finished Mad Men and started on Downton Abbey, so Vampire Diaries will now be up next! I had no idea that was the same girl. How unfair to be so beautiful as an adolescant and have it transition to adulthood haha.

    • Trust me I know. Other Notables from that show:

      Landon Liboiron who was Declan on Degrassi was on Life Unexpexted and Terra Nova.

      Shenae Grimes who played Darcy is now Annie on 90210

      AubreyGraham who played Jimmy is now Drake the multi million dollar music mogal

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