Just when you think…

Spring has arrived but winter isn’t leaving. The chill in the air is still lingering and taking my hopes of cute bare arms and bright sandals with it. I guess I will continue to be patient waiting for the warm weather…like this weekend when it’s suppose to hit 80.

Speaking of the weekend, I will be taking advantage of SpaFinder.Com Wellness week  with  a 50 minute massage at the Vdara Hotel in City Center for only $65 and spending time with Wes in the hot tub before leaving to go see The Hunger Games! Our theater does reserved seating so I am happy to report I’ll be there ten minutes early and sitting dead center :)

Is anyone venturing out to see The Hunger Games this weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Just when you think…

  1. Something so collegiate about this outfit. I really like it :) I am hoping to see the Hunger Games this weekend, but I don’t know if I want to deal with the crowds. I haven’t read the books but the reviews are pretty positive so I think it’s a must-see. We’re getting 80 in Michigan today! I can’t believe how summery the weather has been this week. I’ve already worn shorts twice and I’ve gone years without needing to wear shorts.

  2. Warm weather if finally here in Logan! Lucas has spent all day outside with my niece and my house has been so quiet, a first in a long time. We won’t be going this weekend but hopefully in the next week or so. Kevin’s in Florida until late Sunday night.

  3. Cute jacket! I am looking forward to seeing the Hunger Games on Sunday. :) Reserved seating is the best, I can’t imagine going to the movie without having my seat reserved. Enjoy the beautiful weekend.

    • Thanks Krystle. The jacket is from The Tommy Hilfiger outlet store in Vegas. Bought it two years ago for $35, been my college prepster jacket ever since :)…

      What was life before reserved seating, ticket kiosks, texting and cupcake atm’s?? haha I love technology!

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