Ditch Glambag…

This is one of the most disturbing things that I have come across in a long time. You all know how much I wanted to love Birchbox but the shipping took too long and I wasn’t thrilled with the products so I gave Glam Bag a try. Well I’m sad to report that I have cancelled and ditched my glam bag subscription, here is why.

Do you remember the X Out shine control I blogged about from my February Bag? Well I decided I was going to try it the other day when I noticed something funny with the sticker, the back square didn’t match up with the bottle. So out of curioisty I peeled off the label…here is what I found, a DIFFERENT product underneath the sticker.

On the back of the Cindy Crawford product it said to rinse off within 5 minutes where as the sticker for the X out product said to keep it on all day. So which is it glambag? I found this statement on Glam Bag’s Facebook upon further investigation:

We heard several concerns about the packaging for X Out and so did an investigation last night and spoke with the owners of X Out and Proactiv about it (the company’s name is Guthy-Renker). Guthy-Renker is the same company that owns Meaningful Beauty and this is what they had to say: “Some of the X Out Shine Control inventory was filled using existing stock tube inventory that had already been pre-printed for a separate Guthy-Renker brand. This empty tube inventory was over-labeled with the proper product information and name so it could be used for the new X Out Shine Control product for expedited distribution to the Glammies – giving them first access to this new product.
We’re sorry if this has caused any confusion.  Please continue to use as directed on the X Out label, as these are the proper instructions for the product. ” Hopefully that puts your minds at ease that the product is both extremely high quality and safe.

This doesn’t put my mind at ease, it makes me wonder what the hell this company was thinking. What a marketing no-no, you don’t put a product in a pre-printed tube and then cover it up by a sticker UNLESS you tell people first.

I’m too nervous to continue with these beauty subscriptions so I’ll stick with heading to Sephora and picking my own samples for free.

What are your thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Ditch Glambag…

  1. TBH it’s not a big deal for me, but I do think if you’re not comfortable with a company i.e. Glambag/Birchbox/Guthy-Renker you should feel free to boycott them.

  2. I completely agree…they should have mentioned that before sending out the product. It definitely gave off the wrong impression…like you said, sneaky, even if they weren’t trying to be.

  3. wow thanks for sharing! that’s crazy. as you know i’ve been a big fan of Birchbox, even though each box isn’t my favorite, i think the longer I subscribe the more perks i’ve been getting with bonus boxes and major discounts. With review points and referrals, I buy most of my makeup through there, even the items that I never got in a birchbox, i try it at sephora and get it through Birchbox! so it’s not all bad.

  4. That is awful.. my first thoughts: 1) Guthy-Renker or Glambag should have sent a small notice in February’s bag stating the sticker was the true product not what the preprinted tube said (I mean, we know we are getting samples from Glambag so that would have been more acceptable than being sneaky and us just finding it on our own), or 2) is that just a concocted story to cover their tracks and it actually was the left over deep cleansing mask product vs. X Out? Leaving something on all day on the most sensitive skin on your body vs. 5 minutes could irreversibly damage your skin. I’ve had problems with Guthy-Renker in the past when I ordered the WEN hair care system. I placed a one time order and they signed me up for a subscription and 3 months later and $120 less, I was finally able to stop the shipments. Guthy-Renker needs a marketing ethics class….

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