Vdara Spa Review

Spafinder.com held Wellness Week March 19-25 so Wes and I took advantage of it by visiting the Spa inside the Vdara. It was my first time taking advantage of the Spa’s on the Strip. I’m happy to report I give it a 5 star rating. The minute you walk in you are greeted with warmth, then you have a semi personal spa attendant. They walk you into the locker room where you get your robe. In your locker room they have a steam room a sauna and an amazing hot tub for you to relax. I had a Juniper massage, I love getting massages with natural oils, it makes my skin feel great and clears your sinuses. The masseuse I had was phenomenal, her hands were made of gold.

After the massage I was taken to a meditation room where I laid and just breathed for a solid 10 minutes. Then I was taken back to the locker room and spend 40 minutes alternating between the hot tub, steam room and sauna. I snack on healthy trail mixes and drank a lot of lemon water.

When it was time to get ready I was able to take advantage of the one time use toothbrushes, hair spray, hot tools that were sanitized after each persons use and the amazing lighting (my brows have never looked better).
It was amazing and I recommend this spa 100 times over.

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