Holds True

The worst lies are the ones we subconsciously tell ourselves.”

How many times have you told yourself that you can’t do something or something is going to go wrong. If you subconsciously keep telling yourself something over and over you are going to start believing it which leads you into a place where you shouldn’t be…doubt.

Doubt is worse than fear. How can you doubt yourself? You may not know what you are capable of until you jump in with two feet, you will shock and amaze yourself.

When I was 19 I decided it was time to become who I wanted to be so I moved to Las Vegas from a small town in Utah with $147 in my bank account and a $200 Visa Credit Card. I lived with an old friend from elementary school and 3 other male roommates. I had lost my car to a car accident, couldn’t find a job, maxxed out my credit card and was essentially homeless until this boy (who I ended up marrying) told me to not doubt myself, my roommates became permanent, I found a job and then from there I excelled.

When doubt creeps in I remind myself 6 Years ago my closet was the top bunk of a bunk bed, I was sleeping on a squeaky bed, living with 4 boys and making $475 every two weeks.

I can do anything.

Don’t lie to yourself, achieve what you set out to do…failing isn’t a bad thing, you’ll be back stronger the next time.

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