Whirlwind Weekend

I blinked and the weekend was gone. This is what I learned:

Forever 21 clothes may not be for me anymore (sad face)
Photographing Runway Fashion Shows is exciting and exhilarating (photo’s coming soon)
Being in “that” world felt right.
Shoe Shopping at Marshall’s is amazing.
9 kids at a 3yr old’s b-day party is utter chaos, but completely amazing (happy birthday Riv’s)
One hour of cuddling with the husband is the best thing known to man
Rain solves my problems
Photographing Engaged Couples is a lot of fun, unless there is poop in the area you are photographing…then its time to move on
Eating with the In-laws while people watching is one unique experience
Macy’s on a Saturday is maddddnesss but you get great deals
My dentist office sucks, and I’ll be changing pronto

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