Pretty For Prom Runway Show

….drum roll please…..

Here they are the IADT Las Vegas Designers unique prom dresses that were specifically made for high school students throughout the valley. The first shots are the dresses and the last are a few of the designer with their designs. My favorite design was the long blue gown with the Y neck line and crystal waist band. How about you?

3 thoughts on “Pretty For Prom Runway Show

  1. I love the cut of the Y-neckline dress the best (but I have a soft spot for the Y-neckline because my wedding dress had a version of it, so I always think of that dress!) but I think the fifth dress down, (purple) is such a beautiful color and just gorgeous on the girl wearing it.

  2. Oh my lord! The plum? (eggplant? Aubergine) dress…. the designer is none other than my former neighbor, Justin Liming. :) How odd that I find you off of pinterest and find someone I know on here!!! LOL!

    It was meant to be for me to find you online! :)

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