Vacation Countdown

Countdown to Vacation.

9 Days

When you get to that point where things just start to roll into each other and you’re not enjoying what you’re doing EVEN when you know you want to be where you are, it’s time for a vacation. With my current workload I can’t take more than a couple of days so I decided to take an extended vacation over memorial. I feel like   a little kid waiting for Disneyland! We are going to the LA/Santa Monica area so if you have any must visit places let me know.

On our list so far:

- Studio Tour
-Beach/Promenade Walk/Farmers Market

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6 thoughts on “Vacation Countdown

  1. how fun! besides weddings every weekend i don’t have a real vacation to look forward to until October! I have 2 questions: 1) where is that blue blazer from. love it and 2) please share what do you do to your photos to make eyes pop so beautifully?

    • Thanks! The blazer is from H&M ($39.90) and my husband shoots my photos at 7:30am so it’s usually great sun for eyes and skin, I then take them to pic and put a layer of eye brightener on then slide the opacity (fade bar) until it brings them out but still keeps them looking normal. When I do it on other peoples photo’s I use an eye action I put together on photoshop, but for blogs it’s faster to use the eye brightener.

  2. Yay, You’re coming to my neck of the woods! The Santa Monica Promenade is a fun, easy place to explore. Be sure to rent bikes and ride the bike path to the Santa Monica pier and Venice Beach. If you can see a show at the Hollywood Bowl that would nice, or the Griffith Observatory for a day hike. I always enjoy walking through the shops in Beverly Hills (Rodeo dr, Cannon, Dayton are all good for strolling) on sunny days, plus you can find a cute lunch spot there too. Have fun!

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