To: All Women

You work hard, don’t forget to play hard. You have a purpose, you just may not know what yet. We are strong. Being your own best friend isn’t ever a bad thing. Take on your problems, not the worlds. Rise to the occasion…big or small. A new adventure isn’t a new life, just an enhanced one.

Have you ever had an Epiphany? I have one big work event a year, usually I end up overdoing it to say the least. I treat it as it’s my event and if it isn’t perfect it’s my fault. Well as they say getting older comes wisdom (or something like that) so I decided to be and Indian this year and I can’t tell you how much MORE enjoyable this event was. I looked at it through different colored glasses and helped when needed, took the initiative when needed but also stepped back when I wasn’t needed. The event was amazing, I got to see it from a whole new perspective and I’m happy to report my stress level went down.

So, this made me think, what else do I make into a bigger deal than it needs to be? Is this what it’s like to grow up because I’m not going to lie, it is amazing and I am loving it.

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4 thoughts on “To: All Women

    • You’ve never heard of an Indian? LOL So basically you have a Chief (the boss who has to handle all the stress) and the Indians (People who carry out what the chief would like done)… So there for I was an Indian this year at the event. :)

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