How to: Save a Dark Photo!

You have taken your photos and then you open them up and they are took dark.

You swear, get mad and then are overcome with a tinge of sadness (is this only me?). Never fear!! You can fix those pictures, it may not be perfect BUT it can be done. I’ll show you how (no photoshop or lightroom needed).

Example A: dark and under exposed photo

Pretty bad – You can’t even tell who I am. First step head over to PicMonkey an upload your photo. Then follow these steps:

1. Click on Exposure
– Move the Brightness Slider to about 35
– Move the Highlight Bar to about 5
– Move the Shadows Bar to about 7

2. Click on Colors
– Move Saturation into the Negative to about -8

3. Click on the Effect Tab (looks like Chemistry Bottle)
– Click on Tint
– Move the Tint Color to a light Peach (There is a color bar you can move       around)
– Then slide the Fade Bar to about 75%
– Change the Dropdown box from Normal to Screen

Last Step….

Add Tranquil Effect on the photo and fade to about 75% or until you get a good look.

Final Product:

an awesome vintage looking photo… Taking OH NO to YAY!!

Your other options is to turn your photo Black and White, then go back to the Exposure tab and move the Brightness, Highlights and Shadows until your happy. Black and White can fix almost anything :)

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4 thoughts on “How to: Save a Dark Photo!

  1. I need to bookmark this! Chronically a problem for me. I have done the black and white trick but I’ve never been able to rescue a photo in color like that. Great job :-)

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