Stop and Smell The Roses

I love perfume, whenever I’m in Sephora I b-line for the fragrance section to smell all of the new scents. I have a hard time keeping perfume on me…It seems to dissipate almost immediately. However, that doesn’t stop me from buying it. This is what is currently in my medicine cabinet!

I have Viva La Juicy (Juicy Couture), Chanel Chance (pink formula), Pure Seduction and Love Spell by Victoria Secret and Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria Secret.

I love the Sexy Little Things bottle, its old school glam BUT it is hard to get it out of that little pump :(.

How about you… What do you wear? Can you get your perfume to stay on longer?

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6 thoughts on “Stop and Smell The Roses

  1. Have you tried to put a little Vaseline on first? First rub in a dab of vaseline to the areas that you will be applying scent to, then spray or dab on the perfume (I make sure to apply fragrances to my pulse points; wrists, behind ears, neck, behind knees, etc.). The vaseline will moisturize the skin which helps hold the fragrance longer than dry skin will. I also lightly spray my hair (hair holds the scent longer than skin but be careful if you color your hair; spray underneath not the top bc it can fade your color). Hope that helps!

  2. I am OBSESSED with designer perfume…I really think it’s a problem. LOL
    I find that it stays on my skin long enough for my liking – I apply it to my wrists and my decollete, as well as behind my ears if it’s evening time. :)

    That being said, I currently have:
    •Viva La Juicy (Juicy Couture)
    •Halloween (Jesus Del Pozo)
    •Light Blue (D&G)
    •Blue (Ralph Lauren)
    •Flowerbomb (Viktor & Rolf)
    •Acqua Di Gioia (Giorgio Armani)
    •Fan Di Fendi (Fendi)
    •Burberry Brit (Burberry)
    •Classique (Jean Paul Gaultier)
    •Love & Luck (Ed Hardy)
    •Beautiful – Sheer (Estee Lauder)

    Yep! I think that about covers it! LOL I told you I was obsessed!

  3. I was always told if you can smell your perfume on you, then it’s too much. But if you can’t smell it & others can smell you, it’s the right amount.

    I used to wear Estee Lauder Pleasures all the time, but then moved onto Clinique’s Happy, which people loved on me. I got a wild hair one night while watching QVC & decided to bite the bullet & buy a small sample of philosophy’s Amazing Grace.

    Well it arrived, I began using it, but felt it was crazy strong the first time out, so I went back to being “Happy.” Since I’m a QVC fiend I kept seeing Amazing Grace.

    I felt like I hadn’t really given the scent a chance. I started using it again. Lo & behold….I haven’t stopped. I get soooooo many compliments from coworkers & my students, it’s crazy. I walk by & people say “Gosh you smell good!!” Not exaggerating :)

    I’ll venture out every now & again when they release a new scent especially in the Grace line, but I buy the big bottle when I’m at Ulta so I’ll always have it on me, literally & figuratively :)

  4. I only have one “designer” perfume D: I find this very sad, haha. It’s Viva La Juicy from Juicy Couture, which I got from my dad for Christmas. It’s very similar to my usual perfume that I got from Bath and Body works. I get so many compliments though, so I haven’t felt the need to venture out and try something new. Thinking about giving it a go now :]

  5. Found your lazy girl workout on Pinterest today so I had to go back and read more :) I love Chance but haven’t had $80+ laying around to spend on it, ha. My “signature sent” is Divine by Victoria’s Secret. I’ve been wearing it for 10 years and it’s still my favorite!

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