We went to the Zoo!

Probably one of my favorite activities that Wes and I did in California was to head to the Zoo. I’ve never been to a Zoo so when Wes suggested it I was MORE than willing to put my walking flip-flops on and head out. The LA Zoo was under construction in some parts and my “must see” animal the Rhino was nowhere to be found, but other than that it was a great Zoo. The cost was $16.95 for an Adult Pass and even though the line was long, the park didn’t feel crowded.

I didn’t see what everyone saw in the monkey exhibits, those were the most crowded for some reason. Does anyone know why that would the most popular stop?

Meh… Here are some awesome shots that I got -

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4 thoughts on “We went to the Zoo!

  1. Whoa, you’d never been to a zoo? I take too much for granted! Detroit Zoo is ok but St. Louis Zoo is fantastic. Ueno Park Zoo (Tokyo, Japan) is also amazing and worth it if you ever visit Tokyo :)

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