How I Organize – Jewelry & Scarfs

I’ve been re-organizing a lot of things around my home and one of the first places I tackled was my OUT of control jewelry and scarf collection. I can’t even believe how quickly I consume products. I started with a purge. I pulled out the jewelry and scarfs I’ve been wearing the most of and put them aside. Then I took all of the excess that I didn’t want to get rid of and stored it in one of the boxes Victoria Secret gives out for clothes over the holidays. They are the perfect size and they are pink so it works.

Then I took my necklaces and displayed them on a scarf holder, alternating colors, texture and size so I’m not looking at the same thing.

I stopped into Ikea and grabbed the cute organization boxes that are $3 for 2 of them and stored my thicker scarfs in one and my thinner scarfs in another.

I found an adorably¬†bird bowl that I’m using to hold all of my rings. If I don’t have somewhere to peel off my rings then I’ll lose them.

Last but not least I made sure I was able to see everything that I had “favored” earlier. You’ve probably seen my jewelry holder (here) it’s a recycles photo holder, I thought it looked better with some jewelry hooked around it.

How do you keep you jewelry organized?

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5 thoughts on “How I Organize – Jewelry & Scarfs

  1. I have a couple of large jewelry armoires but I usually accessorize with the same watch, 1 of three necklaces, and wedding set (all from the husband), most days… so boring! Sometimes I’ll wear a statement piece otherwise, but rarely. I’m like a fussy child with jewelry on and I can’t stop fidgeting with it.

  2. love the earring frame!! I’ve been working on the same thing! my jewelry box was out of control and everything was tangled. since i don’t have the room to display them out in the open, i opted to get a jewelery closet hanger on amazon. it’s in the shape of a little black dress and one side has clear pouches for earrings and the other has Velcro snaps for necklaces. i hung it up next to my belt organizer in my closet and its perfect for all those statement necklaces that have been getting all tangled up! i hang my scarves on a hanger too.

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