Warner Brothers Studio Tour

The last thing we did on our vacation was a studio tour at Warner Brothers in Burbank, California. This was the best $49 I have spent in a long time. The rich history that the studio’s have, the amazing things we were able to go and see (like being on the set of the Mentalist and Big Bang Theory, sorry we couldn’t take pics in there)…oh and did I mention Wes and I sat on the couch that FRIENDS used during filming…OMG I was excited.

This is the house from Hart of Dixie and it was used in the filming of True Blood!

Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls!!!

Lorelei and Rory’s House :)

Harry Potter Car

Oh and….

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11 thoughts on “Warner Brothers Studio Tour

  1. Found you on Pinterest (as 1 gazillion others have as well!). My husband works at Warner Brothers! Its just weird that I found your blog because of Pinterest, and then see stuff that is so “near and dear” to my heart on it, too! Small bloggy world, I guess. And yes, I am a lazy girl, please keep that stuff coming. Thanks!

  2. Hi :) I just discovered your blog from pinterest haha, I seriously watch Friends almost every night, and I SO want to go to this place now and sit in central perk!
    Awesome blog, and I am also a lazy girl ;)

  3. Hi there :) I also stumbled upon your blog via pinterest haha. I seriously watch Friends almost every night and I SO wanna go sit in Central Perk!!!
    Awesome blog, and I too am a lazy girl ;)

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