Holy Pinterest Batman…

Let’s Recap this crazy weekend…

Friday at 7:30am I logged into my blog and noticed I have a billion more views (that may be stretching it a bit)… My first thought was “Oh Man…I have a spam bot” or as my friend Aron said… “My refresh key is stuck on your blog.” Bahaha

Friday at 5:30 pm – I get a text from a friend that says: “I was on Pinterest and you face is all over the place”

Friday at 6:00 pm – I log onto Pinterest…OMG my face is everywhere what is happening.

Friday at 9:00 pm – My phone is blowing up with sweet comments and amazing women subscribing to my little blog.

Saturday and Sunday brought even more people to my blog. I’m not going to lie I totally squealed with excitement. I thought I was the only “Lazy” girl around.

I work in Social Media but never have I experienced something that I’ve done go this viral before… I am loving this amazing viral love.

I am SUPER excited to have all of you joining my quest of being lazy ;-)!

I’ll be posting a Lazy Girl Workout this week as well as my normal day-to-day posts where I talk about whatever is on my mind (which includes the 50 Shades of Grey Book).

Oh…and don’t be shy, I love to talk so if you have something to say, let it be heard!


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27 thoughts on “Holy Pinterest Batman…

  1. I’m a new follower from Pinterest from over the weekend. :) Your lazy workouts are going to be a good supplement to my regular gym visits!

    I’m excited to get to know you better!

  2. I have enjoyed all of your posts. I went through your blog. Oh and I am more than willing to discuss 50 Shades of Grey! Loved the book! :-) And it worked out well with my business! Thanks for the Lazy girl workouts they are something achievable for me!

  3. I found your blog through Pinterest, & I love your ‘Lazy Girl’ workouts, as well as all your other posts – can’t believe I’ve never found your blog before now! x

  4. I think the “Lazy girl” workout idea is great! It’s original and incredibly useful. Now-a-days people are always complaining about having enough time in their day for exercise, and this is a great way to multi-task :)

  5. You had me at lazy workout ;) You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve been startling my family by doing push-ups at the kitchen sink and tippy toe thingies in the bathroom ;) All hail Pinterest ;)

  6. I’m a new follower from pinterest as well! With 3 little ones and a hubby that works full time, your “lazy girl” workouts are just what I need to fit in some fitness during our crazy, hectic days! Looking forward to more of these posts!

  7. Ha ha – found you on pinterest too! I used to routinely do “bathroom pushup” – pushups off my desk whenever I got up to go to the bathroom. However, I’m in a new office and haven’t had the guts to do them there, yet. I do miss them – maybe I’ll find less obvious exercises to do at work!

  8. Just wanted to say thanks! I found you on Pinterest the other day and I just did my first Lazy Girl workout. Finally, something I can stick with! I lunged back and forth to the kitchen all night to refill my water bottle, the cat thought I had lost my mind. Then she couldn’t figure out why I was doing push ups on the stairs rather than dashing up them so the bad guys didn’t get me. Then I brushed my teeth. That one was a bit more challenging as my bathroom is the size of a breadbox but I did it! Tomorrow my kids and husby will probably think I’m nuts for lunging everywhere, curling the milk jug and dead lifting the laundry basket but I’m gonna do it anyway! Thanks again and please, keep ‘em coming!

  9. I found you through pinterest as well, and I subscribed immediately! I was drawn in by the lazy girl workouts, which I can do while I take care of my daughter. Usually my main exercise is walking my dogs with her in the stroller. I already love what I’ve seen you post and can’t wait to see what else I can incorporate into my everyday life! Thank you!

  10. I found you on Friday and not only started following you immediately, but I used your lazy girl workouts as inspiration as I cleaned my house. And let me tell you! I was sore the next day! It was really cool because I couldn’t get to the gym and was itching for a work out. Anyway! Thank you!! And congrats on the traffic :)

  11. Hi there, I found your blog on Pinterest! :) And I look forward to your lazy girl workouts, I am not completely lazy so to say, but a buzy mother of 2 who has been trying to find a way to busy some workouts into her everyday life, without taking the actual time to try and do a full workout, considering I would have both of my toddlers climbing all over me as I would try to, there wouldn’t be a point in it. But a lot of the workouts I’ve noticed (with me just quickly skimming through, going back to fully read later when I have the time) are incorrporated with things I do everyday, many times mutiple times a day. So I say thank you. :)

  12. Pintrest brought me here, love what you are putting out there! Love the lazy girl workouts and also really enjoy your other posts. I love the personality in your writing!!

  13. I LOVE lazy girl workouts! I’m doing them everywhere. I even add a 30lb BOY to the hallway lunges. And he loves it! Lol what a great idea. I love multi tasking and looking good!!

  14. I saw “lazy girl workout” on Pinterest when I first logged in last weekend and it immediately caught my eye! I repinned and read through most of your blog (loving it!). It’s refreshing to read someone’s blog that is real, I find there’s far too much showing people what they think should be shown rather than what’s legit. Anyway, love your blog and the lazy girl workouts will come in very handy when a big workout can’t fit into the schedule!

  15. I also saw ‘lazy girl workout’ on pinterest. I absolutely love your ‘brush my teeth workout’ I do it every morning and evening and my boyfriend has noticed the difference in my legs already and I have only been doing it for 3 weeks so I am very pleased. What a simple but genius idea. So thank you. I am telling all my friends to do it now too! :-)

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