Fifty Shades of Gray

Who hasn’t read this book? This book went viral, and fast. So many women have indulged in the pages of E.L. James erotica book and as much as I wanted to love this book, I think I may be the only woman didn’t.

I picked up a copy on my vacation. It took will power to get through the first few chapters (right before they first do it), I had friends texting me telling me it gets better and to keep reading. So I did… but around the time I was 75% done with the book I decided I was over the hype.

I wasn’t drawn into the story or the characters. Some of the things they did were slightly cheesy very predictable. There is only so many times a character can say “Stop Biting your Lip, I want to F(#& you now”.

I am intrigued to see if they turn this into a movie though. If I was the casting director, I’d cast Wentworth Miller as Gray, this is who I pictured. What do you guys think, did you like the book? Who would you cast?

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47 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Gray

    • I managed to get through the second book but I have no interest whatsoever in reading the third. I think my mistake was looking into the background of the story before I bought it and once I read that it was essentially a published fan-fiction all I could think about was just fan-fiction-y and repetitive it was.

  1. Read the book, and felt as you do – there’s just something really off-putting about Christian and his control issues. Seriously – if I told a guy I was leaving town because I needed space, and he not only had my ticket changed but showed up a night later, I would be really FREAKED OUT. I’m glad the sex is so good for you; I personally need trust and respect also. And if you hit me, I will hit you back. Sorry, got a little carried away… I think Wentworth Miller is a MUCH better option than who they’ve been looking at (Ian Somerhalder, Rob Pattinson, Ryan Gosling, and my personal favorite, Alexander Skarsgard). They all have good brooding looks, but Ian Somerhalder will always seem little boyish to me after Lost, Rob Pattinson needs to live down Edward Cullen first, and Ryan Gosling’s smirk always gives him away. Alexander Skarsgard, in my opinion, could be perfect, except he’s almost 7 feet tall and Christian’s definitely not blonde. Yeah, Wentworth Miller should step up. Sorry this was such a long response!

  2. LOL, I cannot buy into it b/c of the hype… don’t think I’d enjoy reading it based on excerpts I’ve read. I think I’d be constantly rolling my eyes. But if the movie cast that hottie I’d probably go see it!

  3. I found it incredibly tame, given it’s reputation. I didn’t think the writing was very good. I had to finish it because I have to finish a book once I start it, but I have no desire to move on to the next one.

  4. I read a few pages on my Nook for the free preview and the characters already got on my nerves. He’s too controlling for my taste. I have plenty of other smut to read where the woman is strong, even if she is won over by the handsome man etc. etc. :) I won’t buy/read these.

  5. I read all three because at the end of the first book I was like “WTH…?” and needed to know which way she was going with it. It’s like a marriage of some form of BDSM and a Harlequin romance novel. I guess it just depends on what you like. Personally, I liked Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy WAYYY more, but then I guess, when it comes to erotica, I seem to have a darker preference.

  6. I haven’t gotten very far.. but I’m utterly bored with it already! Anna is not an interesting character and for the most part the book is very cliché. I’m over insecure girls… lol I want to read about a woman who will inspire me!

    But I would definitely watch the movie if Wentworth miller is playing Gray ;)

  7. Book one is horrid. I really had to push myself through to finish it and when I got to the end of it I was annoyed. Annoyed by the situation and the characters. Book 1 was definitely about background, I just think it was too drawn out. But as most of your friends tried telling you books 2 and 3 are amazing. For me book 2 was the best. You learn that all the smuttyness is a coping mechanism and and you see the internal struggle with in Ana and Christian. I liked it, definitely made for good conversation on ALL kinds of things with my girls.

  8. I too was underwhelmed. Whenever there was any sort of story line, they ended it very quickly and started up with the sex again. Seriously people, have some control! I thought Ana’s character was very annoying and Christian’s overbearing personality would just make me mad, but to each their own. I read all 3 hoping for something more exciting to happen, but was really quite happy when they were over.

  9. Haven’t read the entire book, I have read a sample on Kindle and was not intrigued enough to purchase… if a friend were to let me borrow I would read but as of right now I am not enthralled enough to spend the money on it.

  10. Never read it, and don’t plan it, but I know what it is about and I have read the description of the people. I think Wenworth Miller is a good choice. A lot of people want Ian Somerhalder. What about the girl?

    • I think the girl would have to be an unknown, I don’t know anyone in hollywood I could see playing her. Ian Somerhalder is Damon on Vampire Diaries..let’s not kill the vision.

  11. I completely agreed. I disliked the book and story…it just wasn’t enough to hold me interest. A series that you SHOULD try….Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey. Fantastic series.

  12. I haven’t been able to bring myself to really read it because the excerpt I read wasn’t great. I’m just not interested in it. Wentworth Miller would definitely a good choice if they make a movie

  13. Haven’t read it yet…not sure if I’m going to either. And I did hear that the movie rights were picked up, I think by Universal. So it will be interesting to see who they cast! :-)

  14. I’d like to see what the hype’s all about. I’ve heard enough bad/indifferent reviews that I don’t want to buy it. Maybe someone will lend me their copy…

  15. I read most of the first, found myself skimming through the dullness. The sex was dull for BDSM. I too read sleeping beauty a long LONG time ago. It leaves this in the dust as far as losing the “naive” tameness. If that’s all he had, Sleeping beauty could kick his butt!

    I felt it read on too low a reading level, and the story was too tame for the topic. If you’re going to go there, GO THERE, don’t water it down for the virgins.

  16. The first book in the series was poorly written and edited, but alas, I am still reading! Keep in mind, this is Twilight (also poorly written) fan fiction; substitute Christian for Edward, and Ana for Bella.

    Also, to the people who mentioned Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series, thank you! I think this will be my next read :)

  17. we’ve discussed via twitter… but i totally agree with you! i just hated this book from the start. it’s not the content as much as Ana’s character and the ridiculous things she said! “oh my” “my inner goddess” i just can’t take it. I’m about 90% done so i think i will finish, but i’m in no rush and started reading books that make me less annoyed!

  18. I couldn’t even finish the book, I think I made it through the second chapter – by then my inner goddess wanted to kick Ana’s inner goddess ass.

  19. I haven’t read it, and don’t plan to. I’ve ready many reviews like yours and am about 100% certain this book/series is not my thang. Not that I don’t enjoy a good smut novel now and then, but I need there to be SOME kind of story to go with it and controlling, overbearing creepy jerks don’t make me swoon.

  20. I first heard of this book when Dr. Oz had a sexpert (they seriously call them that) on and they talked about why women seem to love the book. I personally thought it was ridiculous. Then they addressed the other side, which is women who hate/just dislike it and talked to some of them that were in the audience. One woman was outraged that it encourages abusive behaviour and so on. I haven’t read the book and am not interested at all, but from what I’ve heard I totally agree. Bottom line, abuse is not ok and books that promote it aren’t ok either. I’ll stick with Michael Ondaatje (seriously, if you want to read a good book with great characters and good sex here and there… Ondaatje all the way)

  21. I read all 3 and was hooked until about half way thru book 2. Then I was more interested in his past versus their sexual present. They should have calmed it down and focused on the storyline… Poor writing, a lot of repeated scenes, sayings, etc. Glad I read it, but glad it’s over now!

  22. I am so so so glad to find another woman out there who didn’t like this book. Very rarely will I ‘quit’ a book, but when I tried to read it and see what all the hype was about, I jut couldn’t get into Fifty Shades. Sure, there’s some steamy stuff, but it’s not that we’ll written and the characters are just too unbelievable and plot too predictable.

  23. Im only on the 6th chapter…i think i might have been the last woman in america to find out about this book…but anyhow im still not seeing what all the buzz is about….im not that pleased i guess…but i never leave a book unfinished.

  24. Wentworth Miller? To paraphrase some exec’s infamous take on Judy Garland’s Wizard of Oz screentest “Too old, too fat, can’t act.” In this case it’s apt though.

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