Sweet Summertime

It’s Officially Summer!!!

It’s felt like summer for a few months since the lowest we’ve been is 90 since May.  With the summer comes long days (yay) and super fun activities such as:

1. The Pool – Living in Vegas equals no shortage of places to Swim (or layout like a Lizard slathered in SPF)

2. Snow Cone Truck – Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit that I will chase down the Snow Cone Food Truck in the summer, there is just something about their snow cones that put other snow cones to shame.

3. Flip Flops and Shorts – I may only have two pairs of shorts (I’m picky on fit) but I’m still excited to bust these babies out.

4. The Movies – I know that sounds odd but when it’s 117 degree’s outside in July, the best thing to do is head to the movie theater.

5. Splash Pads – They are not always for kids you know!

How about you, what do you look forward to every summer?

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10 thoughts on “Sweet Summertime

  1. ahhh yes. love summertime! its funny cuz I only have a few pair of shorts too..Im picky with how they fit (and jeans too!). But love your dress! the color looks great on you!

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