Miami Heat – NBA Champions

I am a guy’s girl, I love watching sports and in most cases I’m louder than your average fan. I’ve loved Lebron James since he was with the Cavaliers, he has a great attitude given how much hatred and doubt is pointed towards him. So last night when he finally was able to silently prove all his doubters wrong by lifting not one (the championship) but two (MVP) trophies in the air, I couldn’t be more happy for one person.

Things that many people don’t know or even want to acknowledge is that he is a good guy. Have you heard him in the news for getting a DUI, beating his girlfriend or being a dead beat dad…the answer is no. Case in point last night if you watched after his interview he asked “Where is my family?”. Even as much as the Decision in 2010 was a little meh…he still donated the 2.5 million dollars raised to The Boys and Girls Club.

Please be a better person, look beyond “Fan Hate” and realize they are still a person just like you.

Congratulations to the Miami Heat and a huge Congrats to the OKC Thunder for being one of the classier losing teams in a long time.

p.s. did anyone else cry when Kevin Durant was crying and talking to his mom? So sweet!

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2 thoughts on “Miami Heat – NBA Champions

  1. I could not agree more with you! Get in to an argument with the haters out there and 90% argue bs no facts. If anyone of them listened to what he said last night they would have heard him admit and apologize for how he behaved last season. He most def. is a good guy at heart.

    Indeed much respect to OKC. If we had to lose, I would have wanted to lose to these guys. I did feel bad for them but you know what they stayed on the court, congratulated the Heat and did not show a bad face. They are true sportsman. No one can deny that these guys have skill, Durant is most definitely a force to reckon with, with his defense and jump shots. They have a strong core and players to rotate, they are just young thats all. They will certainly get theirs.

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