London Olympics – Gymnastics

There are only 30 days until the London Olympic Games begin and I am so excited. I literally become an Olympic Junkie throughout the games, I’ll watch anything and everything as I cheer my heart out for Team USA. However, there is one sport that I must watch and I’m very into…Gymnastics. Many of the greatest moments and highlights stem from my time with Gymnastics, coaching and competing.

With only five spots available on the team I’m here to make my prediction before the Olympic Trials this weekend:

Jordyn Weiber
Gaby Douglas
Aly Raisman
McKayla Maroney
Kyla Ross

Alternate: Sarah Finnegan/Alicia Sacramone

In the past 8 years (since I stopped competing) I can’t believe how much the sport has grown and how much these athletes push their bodies. It’s incredible and I can’t wait to cheer on Team USA!

How about you? Are you an Olympic Junkie? What do you love to watch?

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7 thoughts on “London Olympics – Gymnastics

  1. You competed? That is so incredible!! I LOVE watching the Olympics. My brother and I have been watching the trials every day for the past week or 2. I am amazed by their determination and perseverance. I too, love watching gymnastics. What they do with their bodies never ceases to amaze.

  2. I’m a gymnastics junkie as well (although don’t get me started on the scoring issue). I really hope that Alicia makes the team – love that girl. You don’t think that Nastia or Bridget have a change? Also, is it wrong to not love Weiber? I can’t, I just can’t

    • I don’t think Natsia can give enough for the team anymore, taking off that much time and then not completing her bar routine at the Visa Championship makes me doubt her “comeback” plus she just doesn’t look the same. The also goes for Bridget, love her but finishing 9th is iffy. Plus every time a new crop of gymnasts come up they are more fit, stronger and have higher difficulty.

      It’s okay not to love Weiber, she is consistent but I also do not have weiber-fever. I’m actually looking forward to all of the 2016 gymnasts like Katelyn Oshani.

      I love Alicia too but her strongest event is Vault…and Jordan and Aly have acceptable Vaults and McKayla is HUGE, so I don’t see where she fits. Plus I’m worried she’ll melt down like in 08 :*(

  3. Love the Olympics! While we are into watching the gymnastics in my family the sport we absolutely cannot miss is swimming. Since my two older siblings and I saw in high school we are all out swim junkies! We are seriously yelling and screaming encouragement at the TV, my husband says it’s pretty funny to watch us.

    • haha! I’m with you. I was jumping on the couch for Phelps during the 08 olympics. I also loved Diving until I found out how they scored it…seems fishy to me I feel like they should just hold up plates with a score on it. Judging based on a Perfect, Excellent, Good, Fair, Bad is like…judging runway shows.

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