How to turn a bad day, good!

You’ve had them and I’ve had them, Bad days are a part of life, but lately I’ve been trying to reverse the bad mojo and get a ticket on the positive train.

Here are some of the things I do…

1. Instagram – Whenever I’m having a bad day I know that two things can help me feel better. So I head to the search option of Instagram and spend a few minutes looking at pictures that make ME feel better (mostly puppies).

2. Text Vent – Hold off writing a long text to your friend because in most cases they don’t care, even if they sympathize. SO try this…text yourself and vent it out like you have a split personality. That way, you feel better but no one else is involved in your drama.

3. Play – Having a bad day? Remember when you’d color, jump rope or just use your imagination? Go ahead and play. Grab the dog and play fetch, jump rope a hundred times, get the sidewalk chalk out… go wild

How do you turn a bad day, good?

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9 thoughts on “How to turn a bad day, good!

  1. Scientists say a 20 – 30 minute nap will restart a bad day without messing you up about sleeping that night. I have trouble taking a nap sometimes, though. One thing I have started doing lately is writing things that people say to me that sincerely make my day more special. When I am down, I go back and realize how many people care about me and how they made me feel at that moment. Sometimes you just need a reminder from loved ones. :)

  2. I really love this! And I needed this to help someone else. Thank you very much!! I play with my son, workout, pinterest, or cuddle up in bed and read or read in a hot bubble bath with candles. :) god bless

  3. Love it … yes play always does make a good day better, fooling around in the middle of the kitchen, play in the park. Also who can help but smile when you hear a child’s infectious giggle. Turning the music up loud and dancing round singing my heart out (sorry to those listening) is always a good one to.

  4. Listening to music …. Going for a walk…having my sister-in-law text me pics of the kids…. texting my best friend or my niece….

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