Secret Millionaire

Has anyone watched the show Secret Millionaire? The show takes millionaires from around the US and puts them in an area of the US that is struggling and asks them to find places to Volunteer. Throughout the show they visit different organizations, help them and then decide at the end of the show if they will donate to their cause.

I love shows like these because I fully believe that everyone working together will help make the US a better place to live and you don’t have to be a millionaire.

Last year I put together “The Great Underwear Drive” because it hit me one day…women and children come to shelters take showers and have a hot meal, but how many of them have clean underwear to change into when they take that shower. So in two weeks all of my fabulous friends and family helped me come up with 110 packs of underwear from little sizes to plus sizes. ┬áThese things we take for granted but other women treat them as gold.

How do you volunteer and make a difference? It only takes one person to start a chain of great events.

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