A Signature Pose

Believe it or not the inspiration for this post came from my Father-In-Law. I was looking through their vacation scrapbooks and noticed that in every hotel picture he takes the same photo, same pose every time, never fails, he calls it his signature pose.

So I got to thinking…do I have one? Why yes, yes I do, in fact I have a pretty cool one. The one thing all my mom’s gymnastics tuition money provided me was the ability to take handstand photos. Here are just a few of my signature posed pictures! How about you, do you take a photo while on vacation or doing something with friends or family where you are in the same pose?

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15 thoughts on “A Signature Pose

  1. haha amazing! it makes every place look that much more fun! i don’t think i have a signature pose, unless you count accidental eyes closed ones haha that happens more often than not!

  2. The best thing about all of these pics is that no-one else in them bats an eye that you’re doing your pose. Apart from maybe spidey. He just looks confused :-)

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