The Dark Knight Rises – Review

Sunday we decided to go to see the much-anticipated (especially in our house) Dark Knight Rises movie. I’m here to say, this movie didn’t disappoint in the least.

If you have a chance to go see this movie, you should. The plot is one of the best. Christopher Nolan really knew what he was doing capping off the Dark Knight.

The acting was superb and the last 30 minutes were one of the most intense 30 minutes I’ve endeared at the theater. I was on the edge of my seat. I give this movie a 5 star rating, it was that good.

How about you? Did you see the Dark Knight?

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5 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises – Review

  1. We’ve already seen it twice. We loved it!! Definitely cried at the end. You know which scene started the water works (don’t want to leave any spoilers)! We plan to see it a third time on IMAX in the next month. That good!

    • OMG yes…that scene was so intense :) it also made me giddy and full of joy lol. My husband wants to go to an IMAX as well, we’ll probably go next month since the Olympics are starting this week and I’m a Olympic Junkie

  2. OMG! Totally agree with you! Went and saw it Friday night and it was awesome!! As soon as it was over I was ready to watch it again! I would LOVE to see it on IMAX. And I cried too!!

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