All Weekend



The husband and I watched 14 hours a day of Olympic Coverage. I got exactly nothing done on my to-do list, ate microwavable pancakes for breakfast and rooted for Team USA.

How was your weekend?

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8 thoughts on “All Weekend

  1. It was a totally relaxing weekend for me too. Saturday was a rainy day for me so I just watched several of my instant Netflix movies that I wanted to catch up on, and I also ready my Nook book. My husband was away this weekend so I had told him it was my weekend to totally veg out and have total control of the remote :) He told me to have a good time and that he was happy, if not a tad bit jealous, for me :)

  2. We’ve been DVR’ing everything they air on NBC and skipping things that don’t interest us. Then we download what they skip through. My husband is a Track and Field guy and they have shameful coverage of most of it. Even with all the skipping, it still comes to many hours where the most that is accomplished is pure exhilaration. We root for the favorite of the underdog every time. Depending who we like most. He’s British and since they are historically the underdog there has been much cheering for GB. It’s been so much fun.

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