Maybelline BB Cream

When I found out I was expecting my little man my skin decided to do a 180 and went from being slightly dry with a few acne patches  to lizard dry and acne hell. I could no longer use my normal products and had to try and try and try tons of new products.

I virtually gave up until I came across the Maybelline BB Cream. Was I skeptical…yes but I was also desperate. Not only was I covering acne I also needed to cover numerous broken capillaries  (they come from throwing up too much). So I bought the Cream in Light and decided to give it a go.

Pro’s – The coverage is smooth and when it’s set with a power (I use Bare Minerals) It practically makes my skin look airbrushed without that fake look. You don’t need to use a whole lot to get coverage. It hasn’t clogged my pores (BUT remember… I have odd pregnancy hormones right now). I work from 8am-8:30pm and it stays in place all day!

Con’s – If you don’t set it with power you won’t get the coverage you probably want for acne or blotches.

How I apply:

I start by dabbing it on my face then blend lightly with my fingers. I then take a foundation brush and blend more. I set with Bare Minerals in Fairly light.

Have you used a BB Cream? It feels like a tinted moisturizer to me but a little bit thicker.


It’s no secret that one of my favorite past times is photography. I love to capture memories whether it be for me or for other people. So when important things happen in my life my first thought is “How am I going to capture these memories”.

It’s rare that I hire a photographer but I knew I needed one for my Gender Reveal Party. This was quite the conversation with my husband and while yes I agree with him that it may be a vain, I couldn’t let one of the biggest life changing moments be trusted to someone who may or may not capture my memories.

What do you think? Was it worth it…here is a sneak peek from a great friend who owns Photos By Adena:

Fantasy Football

I play every year, I dominate every year but I still have YET to win. So I am hoping this is my year, I have money on this people.

We had our draft at a local pub a little earlier in the month, which is rare for us because we usually wait until all the teams have made their cuts and decided on the starters.

I drafted 7th in a snake league (which means I was 7th then 14th etc..) being right in the middle was the perfect place for me. I scored some great players and some decent bench players.

Anyone else play Fantasy Football? I wanted to have a Girls Only League but I can only find three girls for it.

A Community Coming Together

Many times I hear stories of families that are struggling and it breaks my heart. I want to give them everything I have but none has touched me more than the story of Alyssa, her sister Rain and their best friend Mia. They were at the park when crossing a sidewalk when a driver hit all three girls. Mia, sadly didn’t make it, Rain, was able to come home after an extended stay in the ICU and her sister Alyssa suffered traumatic head injuries.

It may be because I’m going to be a mom soon but I can’t imagine coming to the scene seeing 3 little girls lying in the street, lifeless. I can’t imagine having my 5-year-old telling me the day before her plans for the future only for her life to be taken back to a 1/2-year-old stage.

This family is struggling so I ask that you take a minute and read more about Alyssa visit their fundraising site


The name may sound a little weird but the product is great! Recently I had a surprise package in the mail (thanks mom!!) and inside was a Yonana’s Machine.

I had no idea when I opened this box that I would soon become addicted to freezing fruit everyday so I can make natural frozen  yogurt.

The machine is simple all you need is imagination and some frozen fruits/chocolates and you can make an all natural frozen treat that tastes like frozen yogurt.

My favorite recipe is:
1 Banana
4 Strawberries
5 Blueberries
1 half of an orange

Mix it together by putting chunks in the tube and pushing down. The recipe above gives you a full cup!!!

Anyone have a Yonana Machine?