This is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever read in my life.  No baby should have to go through this and I hope the parents of these precious little girls burn a slow death in hell.

I don’t care about culture, this is a human being and no human being should be treated this way. How can you physical bite and have the intention to kill your child.

I’m in pieces this morning. With so many loving parents who would adopt these babies in a heartbeat, I don’t understand how leaders of these countries don’t have better open policies.

I may be slightly ignorant to other countries and the way they are ran but I do have feeling and I know this is wrong.

Read more about this story here: Femicide in India

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12 thoughts on “Femicide

  1. So sad. I’ve been reading a lot of books lately (Three Cups of Tea, Stones into Schools, and now Global Girlfriends) that show how to empower poor women in other nations so that they can truly be a part of the society. Educated women truly help keep their families, fed, healthy, and educated. Women pay it forward.

  2. Yes it is horrible, yes it is wrong. But the sheer amount of population that needs to be controlled and taught is staggering! There are countless organisations working against this, and when they “touch nerves” of “powerful people”, its very dangerous. So many factors come into being, just by taking up this initiative. The key is to create awareness. It is not an easy task but there has been a steady, albeit slow, improvement. I am a girl from India, and I feel privileged to be here! And thank you for posting this to let unaware citizens of the world know that such things still do happen in the 21st century. :)

  3. Digusting. I used to be enamored with India. Throughout the years, having learned more about the interworkings of some of their cultural practices (both through reading and personal experience), however, I don’t even have the desire to go there anymore. These practices are inhumane and inexcusable. Zero justifications are acceptable. Zero.

    • Oh please, your response is a terrible one. Gender based violence occurs in every country in the world and that is what must be recognized to combat this. Read a book, like the exceptional one by NY TIMes authors Kristoff & Wudunn that talk about all the atrocities that harm females around the world. Women are raped, mutilated, mentally destroyed….it’s a terrible thing, but it is not an “indian thing”. I’ve been to Iowa & sat down with people who felt there was nothing wrong w/a husband beating his wife. I’ve been to india & it’s a glorious place with loving people. Instead of writing off an entire country, do SOMETHING. A great website to get educated and help: http://www.halftheskymovement.org/

      • I’ve read plenty of books and written several university papers pertaining to human rights abuses of this nature. And, I was engaged to an Indian man, so I’ve experienced the culture pretty up close and personally. Fortunately, we have the freedom to disagree on this, but it is not for a lack of education that I feel the way I do. You cannot deny that India has severe caste system issues (yes, yes, I’m aware it’s “illegal”) which play out in things like this, and it is a major problem. Don’t be so quick to assume that a dissenting opinion is due to ignorance.

  4. I think if it was occurring in the West it would be greed. There are countries all over the world where people have nothing to eat. That can’t go to their government for food stamps, tht can’t go to a local soup kitchen, that don’t have a $1 menu @ a local fast food restaurant. If one of the only ways you can keep surviving is knowing that eventually your child will marry & if it’s a boy will bring a dowry? Dowry is outlawed in many countries (like India) but it still happens,extensively. It’s not an excuse, it’s a reason, so you can understand and make change.
    And it’s not all Indians – I worked in India for a yr. & it’s not a cultural thing. It’s something that occurs when communities value one over the other. Many Asian communities think Westerners treat their old & infirm HORRIBLY.They are disgusted by us for the way we “throw out” our elderly into nursing homes. Obviously that is not every family, but it happens. Even now, we fight old age – the idea of looking old, acting old terrifies most Americans instead of thiking that we’ll gain wisdom & insight and be revered.

  5. Oh I so completely agree with you, Betty. Its not a cultural thing. I have met wonderfully thoughtful, “modern thinking people” who still believe in the long lost “ideals”. Still put up with or engage in these horrible things. And inversely, there are so many so called uneducated people who are very much thinking ahead and making a difference in their small way. A very famous social worker, who had a very difficult youth, is the best example for working for children and she holds a high position in the minds of several people, including mine. Worth reading… Touching and moving http://modernindianhero.blogspot.in/2011/05/sindhutai-sapkal-mother-of-orphans.html

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