Crock Pot Diaries

Many of you know I’ve been trying to learn to cook in the crockpot, but believe it or not, I fail every time. I burn everything, even when I cook it how the recipe says. So I took a break, that’s right I broke up with my idea of being a crock potting working lady.

That was until yesterday…when I finally took out my crockpot and successfully cooked a Pot Roast. I feel like queen of the world.

Do you have a good recipe you could share? Any good Vegetarian Recipes?

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8 thoughts on “Crock Pot Diaries

  1. When all else fails, put whatever you want to cook in the pot with an onion soup mix and stock! My mom has done this with just about every kind of meat and veggies and it’s always good.

  2. Good for you!!! I used my Crock Pot the first time ever this weekend & had great luck making some Chicken Noodle Soup (actually check out my blog if you want to see, I posted about it this morning lol)

    Good luck on future Crock Pot’n!!!

  3. You may not be entirely to blame, my mom has that crock pot and it seems so much hotter then normal, like the “keep warm” will boil the dish, so will low, generally those two settings should cook at a lower temp.

    Anyhow, one of my favorite vegetarian recipes is this:

    It’s quite delicious, I cooked it for a large crowd once and everyone raved about it and wanted the recipe, my husband was super skeptical and he loved it too! Hope you try it & love it too : )

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