The name may sound a little weird but the product is great! Recently I had a surprise package in the mail (thanks mom!!) and inside was a Yonana’s Machine.

I had no idea when I opened this box that I would soon become addicted to freezing fruit everyday so I can make natural frozen  yogurt.

The machine is simple all you need is imagination and some frozen fruits/chocolates and you can make an all natural frozen treat that tastes like frozen yogurt.

My favorite recipe is:
1 Banana
4 Strawberries
5 Blueberries
1 half of an orange

Mix it together by putting chunks in the tube and pushing down. The recipe above gives you a full cup!!!

Anyone have a Yonana Machine?

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3 thoughts on “Yonanas

  1. I wanted this last Christmas! But I didn’t request it b/c I didn’t know anyone who had it to ask if it really works. Now I’m definitely asking for it this year :D

  2. I got one for Christmas last year! It was a huge hit, but I haven’t used it lately. I really like to make just banana, then add some walnuts or pecans and pure maple syrup. Then I put it in the freezer for a little and volia! YUMMY, healthy dessert!!


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