Fantasy Football

I play every year, I dominate every year but I still have YET to win. So I am hoping this is my year, I have money on this people.

We had our draft at a local pub a little earlier in the month, which is rare for us because we usually wait until all the teams have made their cuts and decided on the starters.

I drafted 7th in a snake league (which means I was 7th then 14th etc..) being right in the middle was the perfect place for me. I scored some great players and some decent bench players.

Anyone else play Fantasy Football? I wanted to have a Girls Only League but I can only find three girls for it.

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11 thoughts on “Fantasy Football

  1. That’s so cool you love football! I don’t know any women besides myself and my mom who love football. Every year I play the pigskin pick em on I would definitely be in if there was an all Women’s League. That’d be awesome :)

    • I don’t just like football I LOVE football. We live in Vegas and I’ve traveled to Indianapolis twice to see the Colts play in Lucas Oil Stadium and we were planning on going to see The NY Giants in Sept. but I got pregnant lol and we have a crib to buy ;-) But we were given a free trip in Oct to Nashville to see the Colts play the Titans. I am so excited

  2. I playing in my first league this year with a bunch of guys from work. I partnered up w/ my husband because this is my first year but he plans to sit back once the draft is over.

    • It’s a blast and you’ll enjoy football even more. You’ll find yourself watching a game because you need your Wide Receiver to catch 2 touchdowns and you’ll be screaming at him lol.

  3. I was so excited when I saw this post because I love fantasy football and know few other girls who do! Then I realised you meant American Football and I was thinking of Soccer, as we call football over here…. boo :(

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