Maybelline BB Cream

When I found out I was expecting my little man my skin decided to do a 180 and went from being slightly dry with a few acne patches  to lizard dry and acne hell. I could no longer use my normal products and had to try and try and try tons of new products.

I virtually gave up until I came across the Maybelline BB Cream. Was I skeptical…yes but I was also desperate. Not only was I covering acne I also needed to cover numerous broken capillaries  (they come from throwing up too much). So I bought the Cream in Light and decided to give it a go.

Pro’s – The coverage is smooth and when it’s set with a power (I use Bare Minerals) It practically makes my skin look airbrushed without that fake look. You don’t need to use a whole lot to get coverage. It hasn’t clogged my pores (BUT remember… I have odd pregnancy hormones right now). I work from 8am-8:30pm and it stays in place all day!

Con’s – If you don’t set it with power you won’t get the coverage you probably want for acne or blotches.

How I apply:

I start by dabbing it on my face then blend lightly with my fingers. I then take a foundation brush and blend more. I set with Bare Minerals in Fairly light.

Have you used a BB Cream? It feels like a tinted moisturizer to me but a little bit thicker.

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8 thoughts on “Maybelline BB Cream

  1. Thanks for the info! Question: What if you get yucky and sweaty? LOL I live in Florida and it is 100 million degrees everyday. (ok, maybe a tiny exaggeration..) Have you noticed how it is then?

  2. i totally agree! this is an awesome product that saves time and even has spf 30! it really makes your skin look flawless especially when paired with Maybeline’s LUMItouch concealor pen for under eye brightening.

  3. I love BB Cream! I got the version from Garnier and it’s fantastic – like a little miracle worker in a tube! I have a reddish complexion along my nose and cheeks and it really helps to even out my skin. When I need more coverage I still reach for foundation, but as an everyday go-to, BB cream is the bomb and so fast to apply. I like your suggestion about setting it with powder afterwards – I haven’t tried that, but will test it out.

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