Wahoo’s & Rocket Fizz

What a weekend! Do you ever have those weekends where somehow you were able to have the perfect mix of work, play and relaxation? It’s rare but somehow I did it.

Saturday Night we went out with a couple of our friends in search for some great company, good food and what we got was so much more. When it’s easy to be friends with someone it makes life so much better. Our evening started off at Rocket Fizz, a local candy and soda shop that also sells cool tin signs. We are currently on the hunt for Vintage Marvel Hero’s for our little boy’s room and while scoping out the best sour candy my husband found a tin vintage Captain America Poster…I found Sour Straws and the best Black Cherry Soda ever, win win.

Even though we did things a little backwards (Candy First, Dinner Second) we ended up at Wahoo’s Fish Taco. Since eating at Wahoo’s in California I’ve been hooked. I don’t eat fish taco’s but everything else is amazing. My order is 1 Cheese Enchilada and 1 Carne Asada Taco.

Have you been to Wahoo’s? It’s divine. I can’t wait for next weekend.

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