A Fitness Update

I’m sure most of you came to find my blog via Pinterest and my Lazy Girl Fitness Routines, of which I am sooo happy to have you.

Since beginning this journey of pregnancy I’ve found one thing…everything people tell me are LIES, and each pregnancy truly is different. Working out and my body image is how I defined myself, how I felt good about who I was. I ate clean, I worked out everyday (even just a lazy girl workout) and I generally never had many complaints about how I felt.

Now that I am pregnant I haven’t been able to work out, not even a little. I’ve tried but it’s instant nausea. I am having a really hard time grasping that I can’t work out anymore, even a modified version. Just yesterday I tried to walk around my office building (the weather is becoming bearable)…well I barely made it back to my desk without feeling like I just ran a 5k and headed to the bathroom to throw up. I don’t know why this is happening to my body and I apologize I haven’t been able to put out new lazy girl fitness.

Bare with me! I’m hoping to finally be able to do some sort of workout soon. My psyche needs it. Whether is be Preggo Butt Exercise, Mommy Workouts…something!


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19 thoughts on “A Fitness Update

  1. I’m so sorry you’re still dealing with that level of nausea :( I’ve gotten worn out by short walks through my pregnancy, too. It feels like so much more work than it was before!

  2. Don’t worry Megan! Just start walking after your baby is born and you’ll be fine. 30 walk pushing a stroller does wonders for snapping your body back. Add

    breastfeeding in there too and you start feeling like yourself in no time. Anyone who says the last (or first trimester) is fun is lying. Just get through it as comfortably as u can and enjoy the bundle of joy at the end. : )

  3. I know your pain. I was working out 4-5 days a week until I got pregnant. I was so tired and threw up so much that I couldn’t do anything.Once I was done with the so called morning sickness (all day sickness) I tried to work out well that didn’t happen either even the seated stationary bike. My baby sat so low that it hurt. Just do what feels right, pregnancy is a short time compared to what is around the corner for you. I look forward to hearing how your pregnancy goes for you.

  4. I feel you. I had the same issue with both my pregnancies. I did find you through pinterest! And I’ve got enough on my plate starting all your lazy girl routines, lol. Take care of yourself while you aren’t feeling well. hope it passes soon for you.

  5. I know your pain. I worked out 4-5 days a week and once I found out I was pregnant my life changed I was tired and throwing up all day. Once that was over, 4 months later I went to the gym. That was wishful thinking because my child sat so low that a stationary sitting bike hurt. Keep eating right and enjoy your pregnancy as much ad you can. Both my pregnancies were different. Now I am struggling with getting back into shape because I’v been out of the gym for so long.
    I look forward to reading about your pregnancy adventures.

  6. Don’t push yourself. You’re pregnant, enjoy the time, your baby will thank you. There is nothing worse for the baby to feel that you are stressed.
    When I was pregnant I loved to go swimming, not really swimming, more floating and hanging around at the edge, paddling a little with the legs.
    Or I just lied in the whirlpool. :)
    People (and their scare tactics) told me, it is not good, because of the bacterias *rolls eyes*. I didn’t care and we didn’t get sick.
    It is true, you can’t believe, what the people are telling you, because every pregnancy is different.
    They also told me, you gain weight 9 months, and then through the breastfeeding, you loose weight after 9 months. Such a lie!
    At least for me, because my daughter wasn’t such a great eater…
    You will find out, what is best for you,
    as long as you listen to your inner voice,
    you do everything right! :)
    That is a lesson, I also learned on my own. And so far, that was the best advice.
    greetings from germany

  7. My sister was probably the worst pregnant woman on the planet, completely miserable. It’s actually quite common, but you’re right it is different for different people. As miserable as it may get, I guarantee that it is worth it in the end! I’m sure you know that already though :)
    Don’t worry about not being able to workout and update us lazy girls! Oh and if you like ginger, it’s great for nausea. Organic/health food stores usually have ginger lozenges that work really well. Or ginger tea and stuff like that is always a good idea. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and beyond! And here’s hoping your nausea doesn’t last the whole time like it did with my sister!!

  8. Every pregnancy is totally different. I had no morning sickness whatsoever with Lucas and terrible morning sickness with Em. Have you tried sea bands to help with your nausea? My friend was telling me they worked awesome for her. Just an idea!

  9. I had severe morning sickness with both my kiddos. It was really hard to do any kind of exercise, so I completely understand. Just be sure to be good to yourself during this time and listen to your body! If you can’t workout, you can’t workout. I know it is frustrating, but it really is just 9 (well really 10) short months! I tried everything for my morning sickness (or I should say, constant throwing up) and the only thing that worked was zofran. I tried the motion sickness bands, B6 and unisom, ginger tea, eating right when I get up, all of that and none of it worked! I hope you feel better soon!

  10. I totally hear ya! I wasn’t able to even take a walk let alone have an actual work out when I was pregnant. I was SO sick! For me, I didn’t start feeling better until around week 17. Thankfully I worked for home, I have no idea how those working Momma’s do it!

  11. I just happened upon your blog and I really like it. Congratulations on the baby! My pregnancy was twins, and I truly felt great the whole time. Never threw up once, but ended up on bed-rest at 24 weeks (in the hospital). That was so hard, because I felt fine and was completely confined to an uncomfortable hospital bed. Everyone’s challenges are different…

    I am writing to you because I just love your lazy fitness routines and I was wondering if you had good fitness tips to do while seated at a desk job. I don’t go to a gym, and I was going to try to incorporate some of your lazy fitness at home, but I really have a lot of time sitting at my desk every day. Any tips you could give would be super helpful, but I feel kind of guilty making a request of a sick pregnant woman… :)

    Good luck to you. Having a baby is a life changer, and that is the understatement of the century. I hope your transition into parenthood is smoother than your pregnancy has been!

  12. Meghan, thanks for sharing your struggle as I can totally relate. I am 12 weeks pregnant and nauseous all the time. You are a superwoman to be able to go to work. All I do is lay on the couch and watch tv and try to ride out this nausea nightmare. I don’t throw up unless I move around much and then I am a vomiting machine so I try not to move at all. It is a bummer to think that I am losing my hard earned muscle tone. Take care and I love your blog!

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